The Dreamiest Wedding Shoes For Your Big Day, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You've likely heard of the expression, "if the shoes fits" and all — but fitting is one of practically a million qualities you're looking for when it comes to finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes. They're the shoes that are going to get you down the aisle to your partner for life. Choosing the best kind of wedding shoes for your special day might seem difficult, but you can seek help from your zodiac sign. And while these shoes may not have that heel-tapping feature like Dorothy's red slippers, you're inevitably wearing them throughout one of the most magical days of your life.

Shoe shopping is never really simple though, is it? There are all kinds of things to consider for your wedding day. Are you going to be outside? Will you be changing outfits or venues for the afterparty? Don't get too bombarded with the questions that have solid answers already. Start checking in with yourself and pinpoint what you've always envisioned dancing in with your new forever boo, to that song you two love so much. As long as you stay true to your vision, hopes, and expectations, shoe shopping won't seem like a three-headed dragon you have to slay. Have fun with it, and look to your zodiac sign for some crucial feedback.

Aries: Elegant, Strappy Heels
jimmychoo on Twitter

Aries — don't assume that these straps are meant to hold you back, because you're not about that life. You're trailblazing an exciting new chapter of your life, one step at a time. Straps are so elegant and that satin is undeniably gorgeous.

Taurus: Powder Blue With A Jeweled Heel
weddingwire on Twitter

Soft colors are sweet and oh-so-perfect for you, Taurus. Hopefully this shade of blue falls within your color scheme, because it's seriously dreamy. You also can't overlook the jeweled heel that seems like it was kissed by Mother Nature herself.

Gemini: Decked-Out Converse
fromthespectrum on Twitter

Step out of the routine of traditional wedding shoes, Gemini. A fresh pair of white converse with a custom design will certainly complement your desire to get around and talk to all of your loved ones on your special day. They're comfortable, classy, and one of a kind... just like you.

Cancer: A Sandal-Like Look With Pearl Straps
mybridalgowns on Twitter

In the likely event that you are saying those beautiful vows of yours outside, these will help you out, Cancer. You'll still feel the cool ocean breeze on your toes, but you'll also maintain such an elegant look. This pair of heels also seems easy enough to take off for that run along the shoreline with your bae.

Leo: Studded Pumps With Crystals And Pearls
_letsgetstoned_ on Twitter

Glamorous doesn't even begin to describe these pumps, Leo. Don't sleep on the adorable initials underneath, either. The crystals and pearls will have you feeling like royalty, every step of the way.

Virgo: Delicate Sneakers
fashnoid on Twitter

Comfort is key, Virgo. These all-white sneakers will be so cute when you're walking on flower pedals or through a grassy field for your outdoor ceremony. Also, you will not be able to stop dancing at the reception in these gems.

Libra: Lace Mary Janes
dazz_up on Twitter

There's something about a Mary Jane strap that makes you feel like you have all of the balance in the world, Libra. The thick heel should allow for a bit more comfort on your special day. The lace detail is also far too perfect to pass up.

Scorpio: Louboutins
cleanheelsuk on Twitter

The red bottoms are calling your name, Scorpio. There's something so bold and lovely about the thin heel associated with many Louboutin shoes. Don't worry, because you've got this. Make sure to give them a practice run, and you're set to slay walking down the aisle.

Sagittarius: White Pumps With A Subtle Glitter Trim
budgetauction on Twitter

It's your day, girlfriend — and that means embracing the fashion freedom to do whatever you want, Sag. These pumps look like they were slightly dipped in glitter, and that's just enough sparkle for you. Add some extra vibrance to that happy glow you're already going to have.

Capricorn: Blush-Colored Heels
parsimonyinspo on Twitter

Slightly breaking from the traditional white, this blush hue is too sweet to pass up, Capricorn. It's so subtle, but it will really make your overall wedding look come full-circle. That bedazzled strap in the front will steal the show.

Aquarius: It's All About The Lace
vogueweddings5 on Twitter

Your veil doesn't have to be the only thing that's lace, Virgo. Lace pumps will have you feeling super extravagant. Those straps are going to further give you an iconic and original look. Make sure your photographer snaps the detail shots, because this fabulous pair of heels deserves attention.

Pisces: Princess And Pearls
zeppy_shoes on Twitter

You should feel like a princess on your wedding day, Pisces. Pearls, and lots of them, are the key to getting you a first class ticket to the most enchanting times to come. No need to tap your heels, because everything you need is waiting for you at the end of the aisle.

Slipping into those oh-so-perfect wedding day shoes on your big day is going to be such a beloved moment for you. Whatever shoes you decide on, you're going to be an absolute vision from head to toe.