The Perfect Wedding Headpiece To Wear On Your Big Day, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

From head to your toe, you want to look like a fairy tale goddess on your wedding day. You literally want to be wearing your vision — and that means tending to every single detail that you've planned out beforehand. No stone should be left unturned. It might be easily overlooked, but you'll want to consider the best wedding headpiece that will coordinate perfectly with your dress, based on your zodiac sign.

Let's face it — you are going to be seeking answers and advice from everywhere. Friends, parents, the Internet, and bridal shops are going to be your lifeline to helpful advice about your big day. Headpieces can be styled and accessorized in so many different ways. They pair so heavenly with certain dress styles — and even if you're not sporting a tiara, you'll be feeling like a princess from your favorite storybook.

Your hairpiece has to be tailored to what you're comfortable with wearing and not necessarily what will look the flashiest. You'll know it's the right one for your special day the second you put it on. When you know, you know. Go with your gut feeling, but let these suggestions based on your sign guide you like the North Star.

Aries: A Red Rose Flower Crown
youfashionnet on Twitter

Aries, red roses will speak to that fiery passion you embody in so many aspects of your live. It's not too overbearing, but it makes a beautifully bold statement — just like you. Red lips will complement this piece so perfectly.

Taurus: A Delicate, Chamomile-Colored Crown
kedr_flower on Twitter

Your mane deserves to look like Mother Nature kissed it herself, Taurus. Chamomile has such a flower garden feel and gives off a sweet and soft vibe. This is really such a lovely option for your big day.

Gemini: A Beaded, Boho-Style Headpiece
etsyweddingteam on Twitter

You'll be curious to try different styles, Gemini. Experimenting with a boho style will serve you well. Not to mention, you'll have many colors to choose from, depending on your wedding color palette.

Cancer: A Simple Seashell Headpiece
saltlifesoulcom on Twitter

Chances are, you're going to be by the water at some point during your special day, Cancer. This seashell headpiece is the perfect combination of elegance and simplicity. There's no chance of this gem upstaging your dress, but it'll pull your whole look together.

Leo: A Sparkling Tiara
jokasted on Twitter

You don't need your wedding day to know that you deserve the crown, Leo. If the attention weren't already on you, this exquisite headpiece would certainly change that. Get ready to slay the spotlight.

Virgo: A Lavender And Lilac Flower Crown
kedr_flower on Twitter

Lavender is so relaxing and laid-back, Virgo. These purple hues are so vibrant, that they will pop against all of that crisp white. This headband screams nature goddess, and is totally meant for you.

Libra: A Baby's Breath Crown
cvbrides on Twitter

Get ready to give nature the royal treatment, Libra. This crown just received the softest touch, so it's not too flashy for your taste. Baby's breath really complements just about everything, too.

Scorpio: A Lilac Hair Comb
kedr_flower on Twitter

Don't be fooled by the size, because these lilacs mean business, Scorpio. All of the elements featured in this small hairpiece seem super resourceful and vibrant. It's also very easy to maintain.

Sagittarius: A Subtle Chain Headpiece
klaidrajewelry on Twitter

Those chain-linked headpieces can look so gorgeous, Sag. Even though it's a subtle touch, this look is certainly taking you to new heights.

Capricorn: A Holiday-Themed Headpiece
weddingmonkey on Twitter

You are going to love this traditional holiday look, Capricorn. Any sign of the holiday season really makes things so much more magical. There's nothing wrong with sticking to some kind of tradition — and this berry headpiece will make your day sparkle.

Aquarius: A Metallic Leaf Headpiece
janenesbridal on Twitter

What's better than adding a touch of metallic to your bridal look? If you haven't decided your dress style yet, this will work with most, if not all, of your options. The metallic leafs are so sparkly, and will look amazing in pictures.

Pisces: A Pink Ivory Hair Comb
kedr_flower on Twitter

Pink is so sweet and soft, Pisces. You can't beat the touch of ivory that helps ring in the vibrance of it all. Your bun just got the best accessory of all time.

Your headpiece will be a small part of your big day, so don't stress too much about it. You're about to get married, so your head and heart are already in the right place, girl.