The Type Of Wedding Cake To Have On Your Special Day, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Almost as sweet as the person you get to walk down the aisle to on your wedding day, is the cake you get to enjoy together after the ceremony. People put a lot of thought in their very first dessert they get to have together after tying the knot. The best type of wedding cake to have on your special day can be determined based on your zodiac sign, because those qualities don't vanish simply because you're getting hitched.

The characteristics associated with our zodiac signs stay with us all the time, even when we are trying to figure out what flavor we'd want most. Yeah, you're sort of deciding for everyone else, but it's your day, so "let them eat cake." You don't want to look back on old pictures and think about how much you totally didn't want your partner to feed you that first piece of a cake you really didn't like.

Going through so many mind-twisting debates about a cake seems a little extra, but it's your wedding day, girlfriend. You want everything to be close to perfect, and that means you have to tap into those characteristics of your zodiac. The stars are working in your favor, girl. Let them lead you in the right direction.

Aries: Change The Game With A Berry Beautiful Cheesecake
latriciavernell on Twitter

Aries, you love to stand out from the crowd. A berry decorated cheesecake with a few roses to top it off would be a first for so many of your guests — and maybe even yourself! The trailblazing doesn't stop just because you're tying the knot. I mean, come on, how can you pass up a wedding cake as exquisite as this one?

Taurus: A Colorful, Floral Masterpiece
cocomelodydress on Twitter

This cake looks like something straight out of Beauty and the Beast, doesn't it, Taurus? It's like Mother Nature chose to invite herself to your wedding day and bless your cake with so much beauty. It's almost too pretty to eat — but we'll still dig in.

Gemini: Three-Tiered With Butterfly Kisses
michturnerlvcc on Twitter

Butterflies will add some extra magical feels to your special day, Gemini. They're gentle and sweet, just like you. Change up the colors if you want, but if you're getting married in the fall, you can't go wrong with this beautiful color scheme.

Cancer: Soft Pink Seashells All Over
renshawbaking on Twitter

This design is simple, but so sweet. And let's be honest, this cake couldn't be more perfect for your beach wedding, Cancer. The seashells on this masterpiece almost have a pearly glaze to them, and they're anything but dull.

Leo: A Sparkly, Chandelier-Style Cake
pweddingworld on Twitter

Lights, camera, action, Leo. This cake is literally going to be the center of everyone's attention. You're totally OK with that, because you were the mastermind behind this creative idea. Props to you, girlfriend.

Virgo: Floral, Vines, And Everything Divine
thebridalcoll on Twitter

The taller the tiers, the more elegant vines you can place around your precious cake, Virgo. This cake looks so natural and beautiful, like it sprouted right out of the ground. If you have a floral head piece that matches this boho chic cake, that'd be the perfect addition to your special day.

Libra: Pink Roses And Pillars
icedimagescakes on Twitter

Love is a balancing act, and your cake is about to embody that same notion, Libra. Pillars might seem a little risky, but you know it will all work out. Come on, you can't deny how fabulous this gem will look at the reception.

Scorpio: Lavender And Silver Ombré Flowers
inscribinglives on Twitter

Lavender not only smells amazing, but the color complements a wedding so well. It's soft and sweet, just like everything that's unfolding that day, Scorpio. If lavender happens to be part of your color palette, you have found your dream wedding cake.

Sagittarius: A Pastel World Map Cake
vanillacakebake on Twitter

Your deep love to travel is about to make a very special appearance on your wedding day, Sag. This cake design is truly so unique and memorable. The whole concept is everything you're passionate about, and so much more.

Capricorn: A Music-Themed Cake

Music is life, and to have it creatively represented on your wedding cake speaks volumes, Capricorn. It's not everyday you see a cake with music notes on it. It'll be just like that one song you can't seem to ever get out of your head — unforgettable.

Aquarius: Soft Blue Waves On Each Tier
mycakeheart on Twitter

Beach wedding? This three-tiered cake with pretty blue waves will be so perfect to come back to after you return from having your toes in the sand with your boo. They're the most gracefully crashing waves you've ever seen, Aquarius.

Pisces: A Romantic, Modern Navy Blue Cake
listspiritcom on Twitter

There's something so romantic about navy blue when you pair it with the right accessories. It pairs well with so many other colors. Choose whatever flavor you want, Pisces. This cake is set to slay the dessert table.

Picking out a wedding cake is going to be so exciting. Your special day is already going to be so, so sweet, and this detail is the cherry topping.