The Perfect Type Of Wedding Venue For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you've never been married, then you haven't quite experienced that magical moment when you step into a potential venue and feel at home. If you're engaged, that moment is coming soon enough, and you don't want to overlook the type of wedding venue for you, based on your zodiac sign, because let's face it, there's some truth to it.

You want your wedding to be perfect, and you may even stress out a bit trying to find a venue for the big day. No worries. Just try to sit back, relax, and envision how you always wanted your wedding to be. Of course, change the Disney prince you used to place at the end with your SO instead, and you're all set. The place, just like the dress, is important, and it needs to be something that speaks to you on a different level.

You're placing a very valuable memory at this place and you want to be able to look back and say, "I loved my wedding day." You're going to get bombarded with all kinds of deals and specials regarding your big day, but doing some research and visiting on your own will very much benefit you. Consider that your sign may also help you out, and certain places will pair amazingly well with a bride and her specific sign.

Aries: El Nido In The Philippines
odytravels on Twitter

Adventure is your middle name, Aries. That's why a destination wedding is the perfect choice for you.

The Philippines will help you get some of that wanderlust fulfilled and you can't beat how beautiful this location is. It's like your little escape to forever with your SO.

Taurus: The Dallas Arboretum And Botanical Garden In Texas
dallasarboretum on Twitter

A garden wedding is totally up your alley, Taurus. This location in Dallas will provide you with a serene, quaint wedding with your loved ones. The garden's exquisite roses will have your special day smelling so, so good, too.

Gemini: The George Peabody Library In Baltimore, MD
sandyjohalco on Twitter

Gemini, you are naturally curious and adventurous when it comes to learning new information. A library setting will not only be unique, but you'll feel right at home. This time, you're living one of the fairytales yourself.

Cancer: The Mirage Wedding Chapel In Bali
ayuritami01 on Twitter

Cancer, are you even really yourself if there's not some sort of water nearby? Bali will give you all that, and so much more. That carriage ain't too shabby, either.

Leo: The Aman Venice Hotel
candidmagazine on Twitter

Showing up and showing out is easy for you, Leo. Italy is so romantic and this hotel will have you stylishly saying, "I do." Get that passport ready, girlfriend.

Virgo: The Mansion House At Edinburgh Zoo
edinspotlight on Twitter

Virgo, you can now combine that soft spot you have for animals with a sweet, memorable moment at the Mansion House in Edinburgh. Getting married in autumn? Even better, because this location and the scenery will be beyond breathtaking.

Libra: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards In North Garden, VA
pippinhillfarm on Twitter

Libra, being outdoors will help you balance out all of the amazing emotions flowing through you during your big day. You know you're all about the peace. You'll surely find it at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards.

Scorpio: The Old Village Post House In Mt. Pleasant, SC
bloliver1 on Twitter

Scorpio, you're good at keeping things hush, hush, which is why a small wedding with your close friends is fine with you. The Old Village Post House Inn has that close-knit feel you adore so much. Oh, and small doesn't mean it won't be super elegant.

Sagitarrius: Greenpoint Loft In Brooklyn, NY
bodasyweddings on Twitter

Sag, you're gonna want the freedom to decorate a little out of the ordinary, but to your liking. With the amount of open space in an industrial-style, warehouse-like venue like The Greenpoint Loft, you'll really take the reigns. The decor is yours for the taking, so have fun with it!

Capricorn: Padua Hills Theatre In Claremont, CA
bluesteffens on Twitter

Are your music senses tingling, Capricorn? This venue is not only the home to where creativity happens, but the architecture will blow you away. Expect your band or Dj to sound amazing here, too.

Aquarius: Knott's Berry Farm Hotel In Buena Park, CA
teagandaner on Twitter

Aquarius, you love having a good time with friends, and your wedding day will be no different. At a theme park? Saying "I do" will only be the beginning of your fun as you ring in memories with your good friends and lifelong partner.

Pisces: White Elephant Hotel In Nantucket, MA
henrique_kerch on Twitter

Matrimony by the water is going to be so euphoric for you, Pisces. And to think, you won't even need to leave the US. Tucked away in Nantucket, The White Elephant Hotel will send your bridal dreams soaring.

Even if you don't go by your sign for your venue, your heart will lead you to the right place. You are in fact going to be leaving a piece of it there on your wedding day.