If You're Still Searching For The Right Halloween Costume, These Etsy Picks Have You Covered

Still looking for the right costume to rock this October 31? Girl, I'm right there with you — I'm overwhelmed with options, and yet nothing is standing out! Fortunately, I've still got over a week to shop around and place online orders, which is why today I'm scoping out the best Halloween 2019 costumes on Etsy. If you're not a dan of DIY-ing an entire outfit yourself, but also don't love the look of cheesy boxed costumes, Etsy is the place to look, and I've rounded up a small handful of noteworthy sellers and Halloween ideas. Read on for the inspo!

Sparkling Seltzer

If I drink one more can of sparkling seltzer, I'll probs turn into one — and for the sake of this costume, that's actually a good thing! The Truly Can Halloween Costume ($30, is a cute bodysuit you can rock with jeans, or paired with a skirt in a color representative of your selected ~flavor~. Too cute! Personally, I'd love to round up a group of friends and have us each go as different flavors. Who doesn't love a variety pack?

If you're more into the classic alcohol costumes, this DIY Franzia Box Wine ($10, is always good for a laugh:

Wing It

Whilst searching for costumes, I stumbled upon Etsy seller CostureroReal, and their pieces instantly transported me to a medieval, magical land. So beautiful! The Butterfly Wings Monach Cape ($52, caught my eye in particular, and they'd look lovely paired with a black or orange ensemble and some fun, butterfly-inspired eye makeup.

Prefer a more traditionally spooky look? The Bat Wings/Dragon Demon Cape ($64, are just as cool!

Ouija Board

I've seen a few friends dress up as ouija boards over the years, and it's always struck me as a particularly clever costume. The star of the show for this look would be the Ouija Board Temporary Tattoos ($18,, with which you can recreate the board itself on your skin. If you aren't a makeup wizard, temporary tattoos are a great way to create a super unique look, and they couldn't be easier to apply.

Who knew dressing up as a haunted boardgame could be so cute?


And if you really want to go all the way, the Ouija Board Skirt ($57, would be the ultimate finishing touch for this costume:

Wiggy With It

To me, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to play with some fun wigs, and I noticed Etsy seller Wigglywigs offers overnight shipping on certain styles, so last-minute deciders can still complete their lewk. My personal fave is the Dusty Orchid White Ombre Shoulder Length Wavy Wig ($54, I don't have a particular costume in mind for this little lady, but she'd make an excellent unicorn, fairy, or Hubba Bubba Gum. Just spitballing, people! And yes, she's one of the overnight-shippers.

An especially unique wig that ships overnight is the Elegant Ombre Dark Brown with Pastel Highlight Long Curly Wig ($57, I've never seen anything like it, but I love the cool-toned streaks of color:

Etsy is home to tons of incredible sellers, so if you aren't seeing the costume for you in major retailers, do yourself a favor and start scrolling through the website now. October 31 is right around the corner!