Foodies Can Eat Their Way Through Vacation At Any Of These 5 Incredible Retreats

When planning a vacation, there are a few major details that need to be addressed right from the start: Obviously locale is at the top of the list, followed by sleep accommodations, but the most important aspect of where you’re going is the local eats. Listen, some people travel to see the world, but I use my flyer miles to taste it. If I’m going to Italy, for example, I want fresh penne alla vodka from a family joint. If I’m going to France, I require chocolate croissants for breakfast. My ideal vacation is one of the best food retreats the world can offer, because while some people, consider the ideal vacay to be a week of lying out in the sun, to me, it’s sampling cultural cuisine night after night, and always going back for seconds.

You know the saying, "I got my mind on my money, money on my mind"? Change "money" to "meals," and that's me in a nutshell. My husband will be the first to tell you: All I think about is food. Even if I just ate, chances are I'm probably planning out my next meal, and while I love to cook, there's nothing better than experiencing high-quality restaurant food or sampling a new cuisine. To me, traveling isn't just about sight-seeing; it's about pleasing your senses — all five of them, but especially taste. So if you, like me, prefer eating out over laying out, these food retreats are sure to feed your soul and fill your belly.

Stretch First, Sip Wine Second In Tuscany, Italy
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Pasta, wine, vinyasa — what more could you want from a vacation spent in Tuscany, Italy? At Castello di Potentino, you can experience the world's first-ever certified wine and yoga retreat, and yes, that means a lot of carbs, a lot of cheese, and a lot of lifted spirits — pun intended.

What makes this retreat extra special — aside from, you know, being in Italy — is that guests will come home with a WSET Level 1 certification, which is basically proof that you know what's what when it comes to wine. Cooking classes are offered, as well, so not only will you taste authentic Italian cuisine, you'll learn how to make it from the pros. Plus, the location of your stay is beyond Instagram-worthy: a medieval castle with a swimming pool, Renaissance decor, and views of mountains and greenery all around.

Take A Quick Wine Break In Virginia

Have you ever heard of a mini-retreat? Just in case you don't have many vacation days left to spare, The Retreat at Veritas offers single-day programs that include 24 hours of wine, food, and a little yoga to reset your mind, body, and spirit.

The mini-retreats, as well as an extended program (three nights, four days), are hosted by Veritas Vineyards & Winery and the Farmhouse at Veritas Bed and Breakfast. The goal is to nourish the mind by nourishing the body, while each retreat theme is a reflection of the vineyards and in-season crops.

Experience What It Means To Go Raw In Costa Rica

For my experimental foodies who geek out over all things health-conscious and earthy, Finca De Vida, aka The Farm Of Life in Costa Rica offers retreats where the central focus is to recharge the mind, body, and soul of its guests. Each of the farm's eight retreats have their own theme, but what stays consistent is guests' diet plans: all-natural, baby. So if you, like me, love tropical destinations and thrive off of all-healthy-everything, these days-long resets might be perfect for you.

Feel Your Best With A Delicious Brunch In Napa Valley

Have you ever noticed the finer things in life always pair well with a glass of wine? Of course, if you're booking a retreat in Napa Valley, you have to expect that their version of R&R is going to feature the crisp taste that is a sip of California grape.

This picturesque getaway is located in Meadowood, and there are a couple of different options to choose from in terms of your stay: The three-night reset, or a five-night retreat. Both experiences include a consultation with a certified health coach and a wine tasting and tour, but the five-nighter is an extra special treat, because it comes with a cooking class to help upscale your at-home cuisine.

Go Keto In Oregon
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The health benefits of the keto diet are hard to ignore, and if you've ever considered eating this way, Elaina Love and Katelyn Louise invited you to give it a go for just five days on their Biennial Retreat in Bend, Oregon.

Not only will you feel refreshed and energized by the time this retreat comes to an end in August, you'll feel knowledgable in the holistic space so that you can integrate plant-based practices into your daily life. According to the meal plan Love mapped out on her website, Pure Joy Planet, everything you eat will be "organic gluten-free" and "plant-based." You can also expect a balance of 80 percent raw and 20 percent cooked delicacies, so you never have to feel pressured to eat something you either don't want, or are sensitive to. Now that's what I call food freedom.