The 5 Best Retreats For People Who Love To Sleep & Crave R&R On The Daily

by Julia Guerra

If someone asked me what my favorite part of vacation is, it would have to be sleeping in a hotel bed. This makes my husband laugh, mostly because, why shell out hundreds of dollars for a week-long getaway when you can just take off work and sleep in for seven days? I mean, the man’s got a point, but it’s all about ambiance for me. I’m not complaining about my sleep arrangements at home, BTW, because we have the comfiest bed ever, but if I were to plan out a dream vacation, I’d book one of the best sleep retreats luxury resorts have to offer. To me, R&R isn’t sun and sand; it’s a king-size bed and Egyptian cotton sheets — oh, and 24-hour room service, because your girl wakes up hangry AF on occasion (OK, every occasion).

Aside from the fact that, at least, in my experience, hotels almost always have high-quality sleeping arrangements, just the shift in vibe from real life to vacation life makes sleeping that much better. When I’m home, I’m never truly unwound. Between being a workaholic, my insatiable need to tidy up the apartment every chance I get, and making sure I pencil in time for family and friends, rest is often a foreign concept to me.

When I’m on a trip, even if it’s just a few towns over, I can shut off my phone, focus on myself, and fall asleep with a quiet mind. Now, tell me, can you honestly say you couldn’t use an entire weekend like that? If you're nodding your head in agreement, do yourself a favor and book any (or all) of the following sleep retreats to finally achieve the snooze of your dreams.

Get Sleepy In Switzerland

Nothing says "tire me out" quite like exploring the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps all day, amirite? Personally, I'd much rather book a flight to somewhere mountainous than tropical, but that's just because I fancy myself more of an outdoorsy, adventurous type of girl than the kind of person who can lay out on the beach for hours. In other words, Peak Health's offerings are totally up my alley.

Peak Health isn't just a place to shack up in Switzerland; it's a method the grounds abide by. Guests are introduced to a holistic way of wellness when they pick Peak as their destination, focusing on four initiatives: physical fitness, nutrition, sleep quality, and mental health. As far as getting a workout in goes, you can definitely take advantage of the retreat's training classes, or become one with nature on leisurely walks and challenging hikes. Food to fuel your body and brain is served fresh, while mental wellness is encouraged through one-on-one meditation sessions and classes that take place outdoors.

As for sleep, Peak really hones in on the combination of wellness and sleep hygiene education, because the two really do go hand in hand. According to the program's description, exercise and food combinations "are given throughout the day at key timings to aid in balancing hormones, down-regulating cortisol, and up-regulating the detoxification pathway to facilitate a healthy night’s sleep." It sounds like the whole package, and looks so cozy. Sign me up!

Re-Program Your Body And Mind In Beautiful Portugal

Six Senses Douro Valley isn't solely famous because of its wine. This sleep enhancement retreat in Portugal is notorious for improving your sleep quality, and simmering down any bad mojo you might be harboring at the start of your vacation.

Similar to Peak Health's strategy, Six Senses believes in adapting holistic wellness behaviors and traditions. No, you probably won't be hiking up any snow-kissed mountains or sipping hot cocoa by the fire here; this is definitely a hot spot for travelers who prefer warmer climates.

The award-winning spa aims to enhance your sleep quality through a series of fitness classes, from graceful yoga practices, to nature walks, and even gentle water sports like kayaking. Of course, services are available and should definitely be taken advantage of. After all, what better way to unwind then having a professional masseuse rub the tension away?

Take Long Naps In Northern Italy

Personally, if I'm going to Italy, as much as I love hotel beds, I'm peace-ing out of wherever I'm staying to gorge on pizza, pasta, and gelato all day long. But apparently, aside from indulging in the Italians' swoon-worthy cuisine, this little gem, tucked away in the olive groves of northern Italy, is worth adding to your bucket list if you're looking for a ~sleep escape~.

The Lefay Resort and Spa channels traditional Chinese medicine principals in every service it offers. The goal here is to improve your sleep quality from the inside out, so if you're struggling with some kind of energy imbalance, be it hormonal or due to digestive issues, you're offered treatments like herbal medicine, acupuncture, and aromatherapy to calm your senses and inner anxieties, as well as establish better sleep patterns.

Flow Like A Yogi, Then Snooze Like One In Thailand

Ever since I started practicing yoga, I've noticed that, the more I regularly stretch out my body, and dedicate at least 15 minutes or so per day to quieting my mind, the better I sleep at night. Personally, I'm a big believer in the idea that endorphins can make you happy, but moving your body can also improve the time it spends at rest, which is why the Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort in Thailand's Yin & Yang Yoga Immersion sounds absolutely perfect if you're looking for a rewarding, restful getaway.

The retreat is run by one of the world’s foremost specialists of yin yang yoga, Simon Low, and is open to all yogi levels, from novice to advanced. His focus on traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, psychology, and philosophy really shine through in his teachings during Kamalaya's weekend retreat, so by the end of your stay, you'll feel refreshed both physically and mentally — aka the perfect recipe for a perfect night's sleep.

Enjoy Perfect Wellness In The Poconos

Pennsylvania is probably the last place I would ever think to make the trek if I was in dire need of de-stressing, but according to U.S. News Travel, The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania is one of the outlet's top nine retreats for wellness. Poconos, here I come!

A lot of the time, when you're tossing and turning at night, it's because something's on your mind that you just can't shake. If you're a nature buff like I am, and you find that being near still water is beyond soothing for you, the mountainous views of the Poconos is sure to satisfy your craving for tranquility. On top of the many wellness-focused programs and delicious food options to fuel you, the Lodge recently added float therapy to its offerings, which invites you to soak for a sensory deprivation, encouraging pain relief and, that's right, better sleep.