These Non-Irritating Eyelash Glues Are Game-Changing If You Have Sensitive Eyes

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If you have sensitive eyes, getting your hands on an effective eyelash glue that won’t cause irritation can be a challenge. The key is to know what to look for. When selecting the best eyelash glues for sensitive eyes, it’s important to read the product’s label closely, and lookout for potential ingredients that can cause eye irritation. Latex is often a problematic ingredient for those who have sensitive eyes. It’s also important to steer clear of formaldehyde-based adhesives, as formaldehyde is a known carcinogen.

As with all eyelash glues, the best eyelash glues for sensitive eyes come in different formats and colors. There are two main categories of applicators: a brush-on applicator and a tube applicator. Many people prefer a brush-on applicator, since it is essentially mess-free and a breeze to use. A tube applicator, on the other hand, allows for easy distribution of the lash glue. You may prefer a tube applicator if you are using individual lashes, since you can squeeze some eyelash glue out, and dip the individual lashes directly into the glue. And while many eyelash glues dry clear, some dry dark (essentially black). There are people who prefer this, since it blends in with dark eyeliner or mascara.

Any eyelash glue can cause irritation, though latex- and formaldehyde-free glues are a great place to start. If you find that glue just doesn’t feel good for you, consider using a set of magnetic falsies. As the name would suggest, magnets hold this style of lash in place… no glue required. And the end result is just as dramatic. (But if false lashes really don't agree with you, that's okay, too! Elite Daily can recommend some really great, nonirritating mascaras.)

Lash glues formulated without nasty chemicals are few and far between, but I tracked down a couple of highly-rated options, as well as a truly incredible set of magnetic falsies that stay put without irritating adhesive. Because no one should ever have to suffer for beauty.

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The Overall Best Eyelash Glue For Sensitive Eyes

With more than 2,800 reviews on Amazon and an impressive 4.4-star rating overall, this KISS eyelash glue is highly-regarded for its effectiveness. Best yet, countless reviewers also noted that the glue does not cause any eye irritation — which is probably due to the fact that the ingredient list is free of formaldehyde and latex. The glue is, however, formulated with soothing aloe vera.

The brush-on eyelash glue is super easy to apply and safe to wear with contacts. It goes on white and dries totally clear. The formulation is also waterproof and odor-free. And with just a $3 price tag, how can you go wrong?

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I do not write many reviews, but I had to review this product because it is the best strip eyelash adhesive I’ve ever used. I have super sensitive eyes due to ocular rosacea and this glue did not sting, make my eyes red, and it held all day long-16 hours and counting."

A Non-Irritating Black Eyelash Glue

If you prefer an eyelash glue that dries black, this two-pack from LashXO will be your new favorite. The waterproof formula is totally eye- and skin-friendly; it’s free of latex, formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates. Plus, it is cruelty-free and vegan and made with anti-inflammatory vitamin E.

With a brush-on applicator, putting on this dark adhesive is a cinch. Not only that, many Amazon reviewers were shocked at its serious lasting power.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "[I] have extremely sensitive eyes and this is the ONLY lash glue that doesn’t irritate them. i’ve tried so many different glues from $10 to $50 and they either made my eyes swell, break out in painful sores, or didn’t stick on good at all. i seriously tried everything and was about to give up wearing fake eyelashes out of pure defeat until i found this, AND it’s reasonably priced. i’ll never use another glue, and i 100000% recommend it to everybody"

Also Great: A Set Of Magnetic Eyelashes

Need to skip the eyelash glue all together? These magnetic eyelashes from Arishine will help you achieve a dramatic look with absolutely no adhesive. And application of this pick is actually super cool and surprisingly easy: apply the magnetic eyeliner to your lid (as you would with a typical eyeliner) and allow it to become tacky. Then the magnetic eyelash will attach right on. Simple as that!

Amazon reviewers give this pick an impressive 4.4-star rating, among 1,500 and growing reviews. Reviewers mentioned they like that these lashes are comfortable, long-lasting, and don’t irritate even the most sensitive of eyes.

This pick comes with five pairs of reusable magnetic lashes in varying styles.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This product is absolutely amazing and makes applying false eyelashes (magnetic) so easy. I have never been able to apply false lashes with glue because I have very sensitive eyes so I was surprised when I gave it a try and my eyes had no sensitivity issues. The lashes went on so quick and easy. Since lashes and eyeIiner are both magnetic, you can just easily reapply them until they are right where you want them to be. I highly recommend all false eyelash users to give this a try and ditch the glue."

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