These Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes Make Applying Falsies SO Easy

Lashliner; Ardell; MoxieLash; Eyelure, KISS

When I tried my first pair of magnetic lashes, I admit I struggled. The idea of using magnetization was genius, but lining up the two itty-bitty lash bands so the magnets clicked? Impossible. Fortunately, brands have evolved this technology, and there are a ton of amazing magnetic eyeliner lashes to choose from. You simply line your lids, pop on the lashes, and boom! They stay in place perfectly. If you're still looking for the perfect falsies approach, the magnetic liner and lash combo could be your saving grace.

How do magnetic eyeliner lashes work, you ask? Allow me to break it all down. To apply classic fake eyelashes, you line your falsies with glue and try your best to place them so the glue dries without making one big mess. In an attempt to ditch glue for good, many brands developed magnetic lashes, which featured two lash strips to be placed above and below your natural lashes, which would magnetize together and stay in place. Tricky to master, but hey! No glue! Last but not least, the latest and greatest innovation is the magnetic eyeliner and lash combo. Instead of lash glue, users simply line lids with a special black eyeliner. When it dries, the magnetism in the formula is activated, and the accompanying falsies will stick to the liner perfectly. No mess, no hassle. Beloved lash brands from KISS to Ardell to Eyelure all have affordable, easy-to-apply magnetic liner and lash options, so it's about darn time you gave them a go.

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Tried & True: KISS Magnetic Eyeliner Kit 01 ($15, Walmart)

KISS is my go-to lash brand, and their magnetic glue is my fave. Plus, each lash is equipped with five double-strength magnets, for extra security.

Just A Wisp: Ardell Magnetic Liner & Wispies Lash Kit ($15, Ulta)

The Ardell Wispies are some of the most iconic lashes around, so to snag the perfect silhouette in magnetic liner form is a huge win.

Half Lash: Eyelure ProMagnetic Liner Faux Mink Kit Accent ($15, Target)

If a full strip intimidates you, go for a happy medium: the half lash. If you like the luxe look of a faux mink style, the Eyelure system should be your first pick.

Best Wear: MoxieLash Starter Kit in Baby Lash ($69, MoxieLash)

Drugstore lashes are a great option, especially while you're mastering the application, but pricier picks like the MoxieLash set can also work wonders. Thy claim one pair can last up to 100 uses!

Extra Drama: LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Bundle in Los Angeles ($55, originally $75, LashLiner)

A lot of the lashes in this lineup are low-key, but if you're looking for drama, check out the LashLiner set in style Los Angeles. Talk about va-va-volume!