These Are The Best Days To Travel This Summer, According To Astrology

Summer is just around the corner, and I bet you can already feel the euphoric vibes swirling in your heart. This is the season of adventure, passion, romance, and indulgence. Even if you're a hard-working adult who no longer enjoys the privilege of an extended vacation from reality the way you did when you were in school, the summery feeling in the air still makes it all worthwhile. When the days are long and your duties are grueling, you'll always have summertime to look forward to — especially if you've made some exciting travel plans. Marking the best days to travel during summer 2018 in your calendar will ensure that your vacation is the smooth ride you're hoping it'll be.

If you've already planned your vacation and it won't fall within the following dates, this is not cause for alarm. Astrology merely presents the potential blockages and added pressure that may occur during certain times. It also opens you up to the possibility of a more meaningful and expansive journey. However, the most important factor of all — one that could either make or break your entire trip — is your attitude. Sometimes it's the vacation in which everything goes totally wrong that ends up being the most enjoyable and memorable. Sometimes the vacation that goes completely according to plan turns out to be a nightmare. While astrology can give you all the travel advice in the world, it is not fate that decides the outcome of your trip; it's you.

July 10 - July 26

As of July 10, Jupiter will no longer be in retrograde. When Jupiter is running smoothly, everyone becomes a lot more adventurous and open-minded enough to try new things. This planet rules over expansion, truth-seeking, growth, risk-taking, and everything that pushes you out of your comfort zone. This is why this planet plays such an important part in one's penchant for wildness, spontaneity, and fun.

This retrograde has been causing you to look inwardly instead of outwardly, to ruminate on your negative habits before making an effort to brighten your perspective of the world. Once this retrograde is over, you'll be refreshed by a more positive understanding of yourself, ready to take on new experiences with full-force. During these two weeks, there's no reason why you won't be able to get the most out of a vacation.

August 19 - August 26

You will be in the clear from Mercury retrograde as of Aug. 19. If you don't know too much about this pesky astrological phenomena, remember this: Travel with caution. Mercury rules over technology, plans, transportation, and communication. Errors in these departments run rampant during its retrograde. Travel delays and missed connections are to be expected. If you'd like to avoid this period at all costs, plan your trip during this time.

These two weeks also start off with a beautiful planetary aspect for traveling: Jupiter trine Neptune. When these two planets work together, your imagination will infuse everything you encounter, burning your experiences deep into your soul where they'll resonate forever. To travel with this aspect on your side is to ensure that your trip is straight out of your wildest dreams.

September 6 - September 22

As of Sep. 6, Saturn retrograde will finally be over. This retrograde is unsettling on many levels, the main one being that it floods your world with karmic energy. You're forced to reckon with any detrimental things you may have done in your past and right your wrongs. You learn new lessons and apply new rules and limitations to your behavior. Once this retrograde is over, you can fall into a new moral compass and feel comfortable with your choices.

Traveling once this retrograde is done with will allow you to travel and explore guilt-free. You'll have a new understanding of what you want out of life and a new trust in yourself. A vacation to celebrate the ending of this weighty period will catapult you into a new phase in your life, one that is full of excitement, generosity, and fulfilling energy.