The Best Dating Advice From Dads, According To 11 Daughters Who Swear By Their Dad’s Wisdom


When I set out to ask millennial women about the best dating advice they've ever received from their dads, I wasn't shocked by the first tip I got: "You can date when you're 35 or I'm dead, whichever comes second." Dramatic, right? Dads tend to get a bad rap for not wanting their little girls to date — except, um, their "little" girls are now legally able to vote or possibly drink or even rent a car. But I'm a big believer that dating advice from parents is the bomb dot com (because they've been through it all!), so I persevered and kept asking around.

I'm lucky — my dad has passed down some pretty solid dating advice over the years. My favorite tip: I'm forbidden from dating motorcyclists, because he thinks it's dangerous, and it would be terribly sad to fall in love with someone who could potentially wind up crushed on the side of the road. It might sound silly, but I know there's real love and truth baked into that advice, and I'm grateful for it. I know he's looking out for me.

And I know that other dads are just as wise. Below, 11 women share their dad's smartest dating tips, because as the saying goes, father knows best.

— Jenn, 23

— Hannah, 20

— Alexandra, 24

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— Madeleine, 25

— Kim, 24

— Jess, 20

— Jasmine, 24


— Molly, 24

— Kaitlyn, 23

— Jessinta, 20

— Lindsay, 25

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