The Best Coffee Table Books To Cure Your Travel Bug In Your Bougie Apartment

Oh, traveling. In your heart, you're skiing down the snowy slopes of Aspen, Colorado, or skipping down the cobblestone streets of Brussels. But then, you snap out of it and realize your wanderlust has got you daydreaming once again. Alas, you're only chilling on the couch in your bougie apartment. The best coffee table books won't physically transport you to these enchanting locations, but they'll satisfy all of your desires.

There's nothing like trying to subside a traveler's itch, especially from within the four walls of your home. Yes, they're beautifully decorated walls, but no matter how long you stare at them, they'll never turn into a tropical white sand beach. But losing yourself in a great book? That's a different story.

Books have always been able to transport our imaginations to unbelievable places and scenarios without requiring a passport. Sure, you should be proud that you can nestle up in that lovely apartment of yours, but the traveler in you craves more.

Your coffee table should consists of books that will make that cup of Joe on a Saturday morning that much more relaxing. Yeah, you're likely dreaming morning, noon, and all night long about traveling the world, but there's no such thing as fantasizing too much about exploring. You may not be able to start packing your bags just yet, but with any of these books as your compass, you'll feel like you've been all over the globe.

"Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?" By Diane Ratican
"Life's A ROADTRIP" By Axel & Ash
"Beaches" By Gray Malin
"The Lost Girls" By Jennifer Baggett, Holly C. Corbett, And Amanda Pressner
"Vagabonding" By Rolf Potts

Sometimes feeding your wanderlust can't involve booking a trip right then and there. Luckily, adventure can be as little as a page away.