The Beaver Moon Means Winter Is Coming, So Prep For The Cold Now

by Tessa Harvey

There's something special, magical, even, about sky-watching events. For just a second, something way up in the sky, outside of our daily little lives, can pull us out of ourselves and into a communal experience that we share with people all over the world. We felt that with meteor showers and the solar eclipse earlier this year. Even with chaos going on in the world around us, it's grounding. Lucky for us, another event is headed our way, and it's happening tonight. The Beaver Moon will be the largest full moon we've had yet in 2017 and it's happening tonight, Friday Nov. 3. But what is the actual Beaver Moon meaning?

It's a good question, and we need to cover a few things to explain it. It's a full moon, which means it's the closest the moon gets to Earth in its lunar cycle (which is why, of course, it looks so full). The Beaver Moon happens once a year, each November. Last year's Beaver Moon was a supermoon, meaning it peaked at its very closest location to the sun. Though this year's moon isn't the supermoon, it's still pretty cool (and, even better, if you're lIf you're ready and willing to sacrifice some shut eye for phenomenon, set your timers: it will occur at about 1:22 a.m. tonight.

How Did Beaver Moon Get Its Name?

The Beaver Moon is an interesting name, and I know, it doesn't exactly evoke the idea of mystical moon-power. But here's the skinny: The name Beaver Moon was named way back when fur trappers were still a thing.

Let me jog your memory: fur trappers were those guys that trapped animals for their pelts, then sold and traded them to make a dime. The November full moon derives its name from them; this full moon was seen as a signifier of the last months that beavers would be out and about before they stowed away for the winter.

Almost every full moon has a name like this, just last month we had the Harvest moon. But don't let that steal Beaver Moon's thunder; it's still sure to be an amazing show.

What Does This Mean For Us?

Unfortunately, there's not a specific constellation associated with our beloved Beaver Moon, but it is still related to the sign Taurus, according to That doesn't mean much, but try looking at it this way: Just like the fur trappers saw November as the last chance for beavers until they went into hibernation and lakes froze over, this is your chance, too.

We all know winter gets us feeling just like the beavers: lethargic, stuffed, and ready for a long, long sleep. Make the most of this full moon and take advantage of the time we have before winter. Reach a goal, hustle a little harder, stay late at work. Do one thing that you've been meaning to do just now, because, (wait for it) winter is coming.

What Do We Do?

Traditionally, full moons are always seen as a time of renewal. It's a fresh start on the lunar cycle, so of course it's a fresh start on you, too. As for celebrating, well, it's a mixed pot. Some new age sites recommend getting yourself ready a scented bath or a warm scented bowl of water to bask and channel the full moon's energy, and hey, there could be worse ways to celebrate a full moon.

Whatever you do, just remember: The full moon is a time to wrap things up before winter. It's meaning beyond that is up to you. How you spend your pre-winter wrap up is down to what you need to accomplish.