Bath & Body Works Just Dropped A Shower In A Bottle, So Here's To Staying Cool For The Summer

by Kim Carpluk
Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

I don't sweat often (mostly because I rarely work out), but when I do, I can promise you it doesn't smell like a bouquet of roses. So come summer time in the city, I'll be relying on the Bath & Body Works Active line to keep me fresh AF as I go about my day. The products work just as hard as you do, you can sweat your soul away without feeling sticky or smelly.

I may not be a gym rat, but I'm no stranger to sweat. In the summer, I ride the clown car-packed joke that is the NYC subway at rush-hour which gets hotter than the depths of hell. The air is moist and humid (yuck) and you may start to smell as gross as you feel.

Accordingly, I'm always on the lookout for new products that will keep me cleanly on the go. I don't have time to run home before going out, so I look for ways to freshen up in a pinch. I recently started using the Bath & Body Works Active Skincare line, and I was shook by the powerful punch these products have. If you want to feel like you've showered when there's no shower in sight, then Bath & Body Works has got you covered.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works No Sweat Dry Shampoo, $17, Bath & Body Works

The Bath & Body Works No Sweat Dry Shampoo has been my go-to for the past fews weeks. This Dry Shampoo is no joke: A tiny spritz will eat any oil or sweat, restoring your hair to a fresher and cleaner state. Plus, it just smells like clean hair. Get rid of your moist gym scalp or greasy bed head with the smallest spray on this ridiculously potent dry shampoo. If you have thin hair like myself, you can turn up the volume in no time.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Shower In A Bottle, $17, Bath & Body Works

Let's be real — sometimes there's just no time to shower. You don't want to go from the gym to a date feeling grungy and gross, so skip the tub by using the Bath & Body Works Shower In A Bottle. Simply rub this cleansing foam on the skin and pat dry with a towel. It's also perfect for post-beach refreshers and any long flights that might accompany your summer vacays. Just like the No Sweat Dry Shampoo, it just smells clean AF.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Finish Smooth In-Shower Body Lotion, $17, Bath & Body Works

If you do have time to shower, but you're plagued with dry skin (like myself), then the Bath & Body Works Finish Smooth In-Shower Body Lotion will be your new best friend. My skin is more dry than a burnt piece of toast, and washing my body with most soaps will dehydrate my skin to the point of constant itchiness. Immediately after I scrub my bod, I slather this lotion all over my wet skin, wait for a couple minutes, then rinse it off. When I emerge from the shower, my once sad skin is silky smooth thanks to this fast working goodness.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Cool Off Gel Lotion, $14, Bath & Body Works

My final fave is the Bath & Body Works Cool Off Gel Lotion. Of course, this product is perfect for those who work out and want to soothe their warm skin and tender muscles after the gym. However, I like to have it on hand to cool down my body as I ride on the flaming hot hell ride known subway train. The second I apply it to my feverish skin, my whole body feels instantaneously soothed.

Though these products are roughly $17 each, you can purchase two products of your choosing for $18 on the Bath & Body Works website. With that discount, you can snag each product for under $10.

Whether you're hitting the gym hard (praise you), or simply an active babe living your best life, the Bath & Body Works Active Skincare line will keep you cool for the summer.