These 8 Unexpected Things Might Explain Why You're So Hot All The Time

I'll just come right out and say it: I'm a clammy gal. I have clammy hands, I have clammy feet, and I find that in the winter, even more than in the summer, when I'm indoors, I get very easily overheated. Oh, and when I wake up in the morning? Forget about it. I'm a ball of moisture! While it's not something that plagues me to the point of worry, I do wonder why I sweat so much when I'm not doing much of anything but sitting at my computer.

That being said, there are times my embarrassment meter rises when I shake hands with someone and my palms are all swampy, and I would prefer it not to feel like I'm in a sauna when I'm simply sitting in my room and reading a book. So if you, too, are looking for some quick fixes for perspiring pits or overheating in the office, I got you. We do not — I repeat, do not — have to be sweaty forever.

For all you know, there might be a very simple explanation for why you're so hot all the time; you've just never thought to consider it. Take a look below, and if some of these ring true for you, you aren't alone. You might just need to like, drink more water, or something — super simple!

You're Dealing With Anxiety

Yep, everyone's least favorite daily companion not only makes you feel uncomfortable emotionally, it also elicits responses from your body like increased heart rate, adrenaline rushes, and yes, increased body temperature and sweat. Sometimes it can simply be a little extra warmth and moisture, but other times, it can be hot (and cool) flashes, or even a fully drenched nervous sweat.

And oddly enough, the sweat we produce when we're nervous or stressed actually smells worse, because it comes from different glands than when we exercise. Nervous sweat activates the apocrine glands, which are also scent glands, most of which are in places like the armpits and groin. So you might want to put on a few extra swipes of deodorant when you go on that blind date, know what I'm saying?

But hey, if you're feeling super anxious, you're not alone. Don't hesitate to reach out for help from professionals and trusted friends or family.

You're Getting Sick

Just because you're not necessarily running a fever (yet) doesn't mean that the extra heat you're feeling isn't a sign you're getting sick. If you're feeling extra warm, and especially if that warmth is accompanied by fatigue or feeling slightly under the weather, it could be a real hint to take it easy and start slamming down that vitamin C.

Your Clothes Aren't Breathable

Pretty simple, right? You might be wearing clothes that aren't particularly breathable for your body. Materials like rayon and polyester just trap in all that heat, while things like linen and cotton are going to help a little air get in.

And yeah, I hate to say it, but a lot of cute threads include not-so-airy materials. If you know you tend to sweat a lot of the time, be mindful of the material in the clothes you purchase, and try to find what'll feel most comfortable for you and fits your style to a T.

You're Just Thirsty

Indeed, one of the symptoms of dehydration is overheating. Now, when your body is working to keep its core temperature the same, it releases sweat to help you cool off. But when you're really dehydrated, it has no water to make sweat, so it's unable to do that.

Keep a refillable water on you or near you at all times, and hold yourself accountable to drinking the recommended amount of H2O each day.

Your Blood Sugar Is Too Low

One of the symptoms of low blood sugar can be changes in body temperature, and you might start to break a sweat along your hairline or neck. It's basically an alarm bell from your body saying, "Hey! Feed me, please!" Go on now and have a little snack.

You're Overly Caffeinated

Personally, I call this "the coffee sweats," and I know the struggle all too well. But for real, caffeine simply activates the sweat glands and speeds up your central nervous system. Is your morning cup of java worth the extra stink and sweat? At the very least, consider dialing down the amount you drink a little bit day by day.

Something's Off With Your Digestion

One sign that you might not be eating things that your body can easily digest? Sweating and a rise in body temperature. Things like dairy, fried foods, spicy foods, or more famously, meat, are thought (mostly anecdotally) to cause this overheating, as they might send your digestive system into overdrive while breakin' it all down, rising your core body temperature in the process.

You're Drinking Lots Of Booze

Yes, you might be getting a little sweaty because of all those cocktails you're having. Drinking booze can widen your blood vessels and increase your heart rate, as can the metabolizing of it after the fact, causing you to heat and perspire. Slow and steady wins the race in almost everything in life, my friends, and that definitely applies to drinking, too.

Here's to no more sweating and no more pit stains!