5 Reasons Why Humidity Is Worse Than Any Crazy Ex-Boyfriend You Ever Had

by Samantha Lebbos

Humidity: One of my least favorite words after moist, tender, crusty and penetrate.

Why is humidity the biggest pain in the ass? It's probably because I am a female. When it comes to the weather, it’s a love-hate relationship with humidity during the spring and summertime. Why can't my hair be perfect?

When it comes to the weather, I don’t care for the rain. I also don’t care that the air can’t hold anymore water, which is why I can’t breathe when I step outside due to humidity. But I do care about my hair.

Being a girl is difficult. We pick our outfits around the weather; our eating habits depend on the weather and most importantly, our hairstyle depends on the weather.

I could wear no makeup, as long as my hair is in perfect shape. When it rains, the first thing I think about isn’t if my car window is open, it’s how I am going to look like a wet dog for the rest of the day.

Out of all the possibilities one could imagine when it comes to the weather, I am telling you, humidity is the worst. Here are five reasons why hair and humidity will never have the perfect relationship:

When you straighten your hair, it’s uglier than before.

This is sad. You spent an hour blow drying your hair and then an hour (with snack breaks in between) straightening it. Then you walk outside and you look and feel like a poodle is sitting on top of your head.

We all know by now that straightening our hair when it’s humid out will only piss us off, which is why we completely understand that it’s never an option.

The only thing I think about after this entire situation is how I just spent two hours damaging every strand and the price I am going to pay when my split ends are up to my earlobes. 

You can’t stop thinking about the texture.

As you sit at work and play with your hair, the only thing on your mind isn’t the deadline approaching in six hours, it’s how dry, flimsy and yet heavy your hair feels.

You will forever sit at your desk somberly hating Mother Nature, only to look forward to getting home, taking your bra off and throwing your hair up in a messy bun. Six more hours, babe; you can do it.

You plan your dates and events around humidity and rain.

I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like going out with semi-straight hair with casual kinks in the back of my head while my outfit and makeup are on point. 

Actually, scratch that; I don’t want to step outside when it’s humid out because I don’t want to feel disgusting when everything but my hair looks fab.

When it rains, don't expect me to be happy. If you want to go out for dinner and the weather has been nothing but nauseating, you better believe we’re ordering in.

You will never win against frizz.

I thought I was over frizz in middle school while going through puberty, but apparently not. The worst part is that every product you put in your hair to avoid frizz won’t even work once you step outside into the wrath of humidity.

Those products will only make your hair look greasy. Not only have you tried extra hard to avoid frizz, but now you look like you haven't showered in four days. It will never end; we will always feel like that middle schooler who wished she had a hair stylist. 

Your friends won't have a good hair day, either.

Luckily, your closest girlfriends always unite in times of need, and they don’t ever think your hair is as gross as you think it is (but then again, maybe they are lying).

Those girls who will go out whether it’s rainy or humid completely understand that if one person is going to have a bad hair day, everyone else is on the same boat. Find people who accept you through the good and bad times. 

Unless we can humidify-proof our hair or even cough up one million bucks a year to get our hair styled every day by some stylist who swears it will stay perfect through any weather, I suppose we will have to stick it out.

Thankfully, we have hair ties and chignons to keep us from going insane. In the end, while it’s humid out and I am self-conscious about my hair, I have come to the conclusion that no one judges me harder than myself.

Throw that hair up in a bun, let it down however it is and go about your day. There are other things to worry about (like what you're having for lunch and dinner).

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It