This Company Just Created A Crumbless Cake That Was Literally Made To Eat In Bed

Courtesy of Allswell

I'm guilty of eating in my bed every now and then. Sometimes after a long day, all I want to do is throw on my comfiest pajamas and cozy up in bed with a tasty snack. The worst part, though, is getting crumbs all over the sheets. It's like no matter how careful I am, little bits of food always wind up in my bed. But, this Allswell Birthday Cake was made crumbless, so there's really no excuse not to eat in bed now. If only all food was made this way.

In case you aren't familiar, Allswell is a home company that makes mattresses. To celebrate the business' first birthday, Mini Melanie Dessert Shop whipped up a special treat that's perfect for you to eat in bed. The bakery is owned by Chopped champion chef Melanie Moss. She's the brains behind this amazing crumbless birthday cake, according to Allswell.

The exclusive Allswell Crumbless Birthday Cake is only available for delivery in the New York City area, where the bakery is based out of. To order the cake, contact the Mini Melanie Dessert Shop or visit the bakery in person. The cake is available starting on Tuesday, March 12, for $18, according to Allswell. It will be available for purchase until Friday, April 12. You've got a whole month to try this crumbless masterpiece. Make sure to put this at the top of your to-do list, pronto.

Courtesy of Allswell

The custom cake sounds just as delicious as it looks. The cake itself tastes like vanilla funfetti and features a whipped cream filling, according to Allswell. OMG, yum. It's finished with a white chocolate ganache glaze, and topped with gold flakes and rose gold sprinkles for that extra special birthday sparkle. I know what you're thinking. All of these ingredients sound pretty basic, right? Right, but Mini Melanie's Dessert Shop put a unique crumbless twist on this limited edition cake. It's made with "extra fine pastry flour and a proprietary vanilla cream recipe" that makes the inside of the cake completely crumbless, according to Allswell. Mind. Blown.

If you're like me and don't live in NYC but still need this cake in your life, take a look at Mini Melanie Dessert Shop's crumbless birthday truffles. The truffles are sold in a 12-piece box for $36. The box includes four truffles in each of the following three flavors: Mocha, Lemon Poppy, and Funfetti, according to the bakery. Yes, please. So, it's kind of like eating the Crumbless Birthday Cake but just in a different form. I'm totally for any snack that doesn't leave a mess behind, especially when it involves cake of some kind. Oh, and if you purchase a mattress from Allswell on Tuesday, March 12, you will get a complimentary order of birthday truffles.

Mini Melanie Dessert Shop

My birthday is coming up and I'm celebrating with a little self-care. I'm kicking off my birthday festivities with a massage, followed by a some poolside rest and relaxation (the perks of living in Florida in March). I may just have to top it all off with an order of Crumbless Birthday Truffles from Mini Melanie's Dessert Shop. I'll inevitably wind up in bed early after a couple of drinks and dinner. These crumbless bakery items sound like the perfect way to end my special day.