The 'AHS: Apocalypse' Finale Title Hints The Apocalypse May Be Somehow Undone


It feels like American Horror Story: Apocalypse just started, but now we are already almost at the end of the crossover-filled season. Although the recent string of episodes have taken us into the past before the apocalypse turned earth into a nuclear wasteland, fans are expecting the season to return to Outpost 3 before it ends, and the newly revealed AHS: Apocalypse finale title teases just that. FX finally unveiled what the season finale episode of the season will be entitled, and of course, it is causing a ton of theorizing and speculating among the AHS fans.

With just four more episodes left to wrap up American Horror Story: Apocalypse, FX's TV listings have finally revealed what the final two episodes of the season will be entitled. The ninth and penultimate episode of the season is called "Fire and Reign," and the season finale will be entitled "Apocalypse Then." But before we get to those episodes, fans still have episodes seven and eight to look forward to, which will be called "Traitor" and "Sojourn." Although nobody knows what Michael Langdon, Cordelia Goode, Mallory, and the rest of the mysterious characters of AHS: Apocalypse have in store for us in these final four episodes, the titles are more than enough to get fans thinking about how the season might unfold.

Of course, the most eyebrow-raising title is the finale's: "Apocalypse Then." Clearly, the title is a tongue-in-cheek play on the classic movie Apocalypse Now, but fans think there is much more to the title than just some wordplay. There have been a ton of fan theories all season long that the nuclear apocalypse will be undone somehow before the end of the season, and this season finale title seems to suggest this theory may actually come to fruition.

The question now is exactly how the characters will take down Michael Langdon and undo the apocalypse. Time travel has been brought up in multiple fan theories, given the prominence of hourglasses in the season's promo images and teasers, so we might see someone from Outpost 3 travel back in time to stop Michael before the nuclear missiles ever launch. Everyone is also very curious about Mallory. The show has revealed that Mallory is an incredibly powerful being and seemingly the only person who can stand against Michael, but fans are still wondering exactly what her identity might be: Is she a new Supreme, or an alien, or an angel, or something else?

Mallory's identity will be revealed soon enough, hopefully, but before we see how the finale of AHS: Apocalypse goes, the upcoming handful of episodes also have some pretty interesting titles. In particular, this week's seventh episode is entitled "Traitor," which begs the question: Who is going to betray everyone? After that, "Sojourn" promises to take us on a mysterious journey somewhere, and then "Fire and Reign" sounds like it will fully unleash Michael Langdon's satanic side for us.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on FX. The season finale, "Apocalypse Then," is slated to air on Nov. 14.