Taissa Farmiga Wasn't Too Thrilled About Violet & Tate's 'AHS' Happily Ever After


After seven years away, American Horror Story finally returned to the ghost-infested house that started it all in the latest episode of AHS: Apocalypse, but strangely, things felt a lot more cuddly than murder-y in the Murder House. The episode surprised fans by actually giving many of the tortured souls trapped in the Murder House happy endings, which are very hard to come by in the AHS universe. Although tons of fans loved to see the spirits find peace, Taissa Farmiga's reaction to Violet and Tate's ending on AHS proves that not everyone was a fan of that happily ever after.

Spoiler alert: This post will contain spoilers from Episode 6 of AHS: Apocalypse, "Return to Murder House." The relationship between Violet Harmon and Tate Langdon is probably the most iconic coupling in all of American Horror Story, so when Ryan Murphy revealed that the two ghostly teenagers would return for AHS: Apocalypse, fans were pumped. However, Violet and Tate did not show up much, and understandably, Violet was not interested in interacting with Tate at all after finding out that he was a mass murderer and rapist at the end of Murder House. However, with a little help from Madison Montgomery's clarity spell, Violet ultimately decided that the darkness within the house was really to blame for Tate's malevolent actions. In the end, Violet and Tate make up, and we see them embrace one another as Madison and Behold leave the Murder House.

It was a rare happy ending for American Horror Story, but it left Violet's actress Taissa Farmiga feeling conflicted. She told TV Guide that she personally felt the ending was a bit too neat and tidy for her taste, but she was glad that Violet got to stop crying:

Part of me was, I guess the part that was Violet was happy that she didn't have to cry anymore and the part that's Taissa was sort of — you know, I like things that aren't tied up in a neat little bow. I like when things are ambiguous. So you know, I think I was more happy with the Season 1 ending but I think the Violet inside me is more happy with this ending.

Violet's relationship with Tate has also been a tricky topic among American Horror Story fans for years. After all, it is not exactly ideal to be dating a guy who impregnated your mom with the antichrist... or one who shot up his high school.

The new episode attempted to get around Tate's unthinkably despicable actions by blaming them on the Murder House, saying that the malevolent energy within the house used Tate's body as a conduit to spread evil. Taissa Farmiga admitted that she has some issues with how Tate's past actions were effectively explained away, but in the end, said that since everyone is trapped for eternity anyway, that she does see why Violet would forgive Tate:

I try to see the good in people. But just because someone is in a circumstance that is influenced by outside evil or outside darkness and they're led to do these actions, I don't think you can completely wipe the slate clean and fully take away the responsibility from that person. So it's hard because Tate has been ruined by the house. He's been overcome by the darkness that's there and yet it was still his actions that went and hurt those people and murdered those people and hurt my mom at times — or Violet's mom. See, I told you it's hard to differentiate sometimes. I don't know. I feel that because these two people are stuck in a house together for the rest of eternity and they can't go anywhere, I think at that point you sort of only have forgiveness to fall back on.

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