Episode 100 of 'American Horror Story' connected every past season together.

Whoa, Here's How The 100th Episode Of ‘AHS’ Connected Every Single Season


Given that the Oct. 23 episode of American Horror Story marked the 100th episode of the iconic franchise, fans were sure creator Ryan Murphy had an extra-special treat in store for loyal viewers. And indeed, the episode featured a monumental nod to the show's history... although it was so subtle, even diehard fans might not have noticed it. So, in case you missed the fact that AHS' 100th episode connected every season of the series here's what happened:

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Episode 6 of American Horror Story: 1984, "Episode 100." While the sixth episode of AHS: 1984 may have felt like business as usual for the '80s slasher-themed season — centering on time jumps that revealed how all the Camp Redwood residents had fared in the years following the 1984 massacre — it did include a special treat to ring in 100 episodes of AHS. As fans on Reddit pointed out, a small line in the new episode connected 1984 to every other season of American Horror Story.

The line in question comes during Margaret Booth's profile on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The flash-forward revealed that Margaret had become a successful real estate mogul known for purchasing macabre locations, and it turns out, one of these locations is none other than Briarcliff Manor. The brief shout-out definitely caught fans' ears, since Briarcliff was the setting of AHS: Asylum, but the connection actually goes so much deeper than that. The Asylum connection also means 1984 is canonically connected to Freak Show, Roanoke, and Cult as well, since Asylum characters Pepper and Lana Winters appeared in those three other seasons.


But what about the other four season of AHS? Well, they are all connected to this new season, too, thanks to the character of Richard Ramirez.

Zach Villa plays a younger version of Richard Ramirez (aka the Night Stalker) during the '80s-set season, but the character of Ramirez also appeared in AHS: Hotel as a spirit portrayed by Anthony Ruivivar.

This connection between 1984 and Hotel also connects the new season to Apocalypse, Coven, and Murder House. In Apocalypse, Queenie pays a visit to the Hotel Cortez, and as fans all know, Apocalypse is also heavily connected to Coven and Murder House as it features nearly all of the main characters from both seasons.

So, yeah — between the character of Richard Ramirez and the new revelation that Margaret Booth owns Briarcliff Manor, AHS: 1984 is now officially connected to every single season of the series. Surprisingly enough, this is actually the first time a season has been canonically connected to every previous season of the show. Although Apocalypse came close to achieving a full crossover and still stands out as the most prominent crossover season in the show's run, it missed out on making any explicit connections to Asylum, Freak Show, Roanoke, or Cult.

At long last, AHS superfans were given the gift of being able to draw a clear line between every single season of the beloved horror series, and it was the perfect way to celebrate 100 episodes.

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