Barbara & Delilah Finally Meet In New Week's 'A Million Little Things' Promo


There are only two episodes left of A Million Little Things before fans have to wait a few months for Boston Bruins hats to appear on a TV channel that isn't ESPN. Lately, the drama series has placed more focus on the present day than the mysterious circumstances contributing to Jon's death, but Delilah and her friends might receive new answers soon. The A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 16 promo teases a meeting between Delilah and Mrs. Nelson, who is almost definitely Barbara Morgan. No surprise, but it looks like Mrs. Nelson and Jon have a past that needs to be addressed.

In Feb. 14's "The Rock," Katherine (Grace Park) owned up to taking responsibility for what caused her divorce rather than blaming it entirely on Eddie (David Giuntoli). Ditching their original plan for Jon (Ron Livingston) and Delilah (Stéphanie Szostak) to be Theo's legal guardians in case of an incident, the pair bestowed new guardianship to Gary (James Roday). While Rome (Romany Malco) clashed with his freewheeling brother, Delilah still felt a little awkward about Eddie having to spend time with Katherine. Understanding her own role in their breakup, she kept her distance. However, she didn't know that Eddie taking care of his ex after a car accident seemed to stir up some of his old feelings for Katherine.

Even now she's still keeping the real identity of her baby's father a secret from her children and most of her friends, Delilah has a bigger bombshell coming her way. In the latest episode's closing scene, Mrs. Nelson / Probably Barbara (Drea de Matteo) was seen spying on Delilah's house from her car. Over the phone, her husband pleaded with her to leave things alone, but Mrs. Nelson interjected with the fact that Delilah was pregnant. What does that have to do with the Nelsons?

The promo for Feb. 21's "The Rosary" suggests that Mrs. Nelson eventually leaves her car and stops by to talk with Delilah and Gary. We shouldn't rule out the promo footage being a total fake-out, but it sure looks like Mrs. Nelson is in the Dixons' house, finally ready to confess about her history with Jon.

The preview's opening scene also seems to fit with Mrs. Nelson and Delilah's meeting, showing Delilah looking at an old photo of Jon with the blonde woman. Remember how Dee didn't know anyone in his college photo albums? Maybe Mrs. Nelson has some insight into why Jon was apparently so secretive about his Harvard friendships.

The promo also delves into what the rest of the gang is up to next week. As Maggie (Allison Miller) undergoes her cancer surgery, Eddie and Katherine's relationship takes a vulnerable, loving turn. Meanwhile, Delilah flirts with her restaurateur crush and wonders about dealing with "a past [she] never knew about."

This new baby is going to be born into a pretty complicated love triangle if these moments with Delilah and Eddie are truly what they seem. Toss in Mrs. Nelson's likelihood as Barbara and her ambiguous connection to Jon and this kid is in for a wild first year of life. Here's to hopefully getting real answers about Barbara Morgan soon!

Season 1 of A Million Little Things continues on Thursday, Feb. 21, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.