Liza Koshy and David Dobrik smile for a snapshot.
David Dobrik & Liza Koshy's Best Vlogs Will Have You Giggling For Days

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Dobrik and Koshy are two of the most hilarious people on the internet, so the fact they once dated and made content together for your viewing pleasure on the regs was the biggest blessing. If you were ever in need of a pick-me-up, a new video from them was always there to do the trick. But then they broke up, and the Dobrik x Koshy content you knew and loved slowed down, which was a huge bummer for fans. But thank the YouTube powers that be, because you do still have plenty of epic vlogs to commemorate their chemistry, and the best David Dobrik and Liza Koshy vlogs will have you practically rolling on the floor with laughter.

It should be noted, despite their 2018 breakup, Dobrik and Koshy are still friends. Dobrik even admitted he loves to reminisce on their old videos. Just look at the way they were able to joke about their split in their video announcing their breakup to fans. And you know what they say: Exes who vlog together may not be together, but they definitely stay friends. Everyone definitely says that.

Anyway, the two YouTube stars never fail at figuring out new and exciting ways to entertain. Pranking each other to no end? You got it. Filling an entire pool with dry ice? They've done it. So there are so many awesome videos to memorialize their past romance and make you appreciate their ongoing friendship even more. These are all the must-see videos from the internet's favorite vloggers.

That Time They Were Absolute Relationship Goals

When they were still dating, Koshy and Dobrik were never afraid to troll each other. Between making comments about each other's smelly breath and poking fun at each other's bad hair days, it was all love at the end of the day.

That Time They Made Going To Target Look Like A Blast

Between their car ride jam sesh and a full-blown dance party in the aisles of Target, this vlog had me wanting to be a third wheel in their relationship.

That Time They Took Their Shenanigans to Brazil

Long flights shouldn't be this fun, but Dobrik and Koshy sure make them look that way.

That Time They Faced Their Fears TOGETHER

Did you think Koshy's fear was jumping out of a plane? Well, no... it was literally just riding one, according to her video's description. Of course, when you take the adventure of a lifetime to Hawaii with your bae, you just have to go for it.

That Time They Poked Fun At Couples Everywhere & It Was Relatable

If you've ever dated a person who constantly apologized for things they said, Koshy and Dobrik bickering over driving directions and which of their favorite restaurants to eat at is honestly the most relatable thing ever.

That Time Koshy Rocked A Mustache

Liza, is that you? I barely recognize you.

That Time They Had No Chill In Public

Embarassing themselves in public? It's just not something Dobrik and Koshy are particularly stressed about. They have no chill when they leave the house together and it never gets old.

That Time They Went To Hawaii & She Almost Died

Literally... almost died. Koshy and Dobrik are so much fun at home, you can only imagine what kind of shenanigans they got into when they traveled to Hawaii together. At one point, Koshy nearly fell right out of their convertible.

That Time He Surprised Her With A Cute Animal & Things Got Emotional

"Naturally, whenever I get a cute animal, I take it to Liza to surprise her," Dobrik said in his video, which literally sent Koshy into tears. For all my fellow animal lovers out there, this one's relatable AF.


These days Koshy is starring in her own YouTube Premium series Liza on Demand, but she and Dobrik were definitely the ultimate YouTube power couple and it's hard not to re-watch all their best vlogs.

The best part of all? Given their amicable breakup, Koshy and Dobrik are still down to make cameos in each other's vlogs here and there. For instance, Koshy made an in-costume appearance in Dobrik's 2019 Halloween vlog, y'know, for old time's sake.