The 5 Best Cookie Jars

by Anne Loreto Cruz

Cookie jars are a great way to decorate your kitchen, but function should be the top priority when it comes to preserving your baked goods. The best cookie jars have a well-fitting lid to keep treats fresh and a wide opening for easy access.

Most cookie jars are made of either ceramic, plastic, or glass, and they all have their advantages. Ceramic jars come in different colors and designs, and they can insulate your cookies from heat fluctuation, while glass jars allow you to see your treats, so you’ll always know when it's time for a refill, and you'll be more likely to remember to eat them before they go bad. Plastic often provides the same see-through benefits as glass, and it's also less breakable, which makes it a dependable choice for homes with kids, pets, or other accident-prone inhabitants.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the lid design, since air flow can be the number one problem when it comes to keeping cookies fresh. Cookie jars with a rubber gasket inside the lid are your best bet when it comes to creating an air-tight seal, as they create slight suction when they’re pressed closed. Other lids are designed to screw tightly onto the jar, which also helps to minimize airflow.

The capacity for cookie jars varies a lot, from one to six quarts, on average, so choose one based on how many treats you like to have on hand and how quickly you tend to go through them. If you’re prioritizing aesthetics, a decorative handle on your cookie jar can add a bit of flair and personality to your kitchen. On the other hand, someone with hand mobility issues may have trouble opening a sealed jar with a delicate top knob, so a more ergonomic handle may be a better choice for some.

If you’re ready to find a jar for your stocked up delicious treats, here are the best cookie jars you can buy on Amazon.

1. This Clear Cookie Jar With A Pop-Top Lid

This clear plastic cookie jar from OXO has a 5-quart capacity, and a unique shape that easily can be pushed against a wall or backsplash to save space. The jar has a unique POP lid that creates a lightly suctioned seal with a press of a button, and also doubles as an ergonomic handle. The clear body of the jar is made from sturdy plastic, so it won’t shatter if it tumbles off a countertop or table. When it’s time to clean and swap treats, this jar is dishwasher safe, and the gasket components of the lid come apart for easy cleaning.

One reviewer wrote: “This IS the best cookie jar ever made! My family and I love it! It keeps bugs out yet is easy to open. It holds 2 or 3 packages of cookies. It doesn't slide off the counter due to grips on the bottom. It washes easily. It is easy to see how much you have left. It's airtight and cookies stay crisp longer. Love love love it!!”

2. A Set of Classic Glass Cookie Jars

This set of two glass cookie jars is perfect for creating a timeless look that pulls together your whole kitchen. Each jar has a half-gallon (or 2-quart) capacity, and the clear glass allows you to meticulously display your treats. The lids on these jars have a rubber gasket to create an airtight seal, and the knob handle on the lid is easy to hold. They're a popular pick on Amazon too, with an overall 4.6-star rating and more than 1,000 reviews.

One reviewer wrote: “Perfect for a counter top cookie jar! Some are so big they take up so much space, but these are the perfect size!”

3. A Simple Ceramic Cookie Jar That Comes In 8 Cute Colors

You can use these ceramic cookie jars throughout your entire kitchen, as they come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. The jar featured above clocks in at 28 fluid ounces (or under 1 quart), so it’s perfect for cookies and other small treats. The wooden lid has a rubber gasket to help keep cookies fresh, and the jar itself is both microwave- and dishwasher-safe. This option is particularly great for achieving a minimalist or monochrome kitchen aesthetic. And, with eight colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that matches your style.

One reviewer wrote: “Nice canister for Christmas cookies and to use all year. Works nicely in our modern kitchen with open shelves.”

4. This Cookie Jar That Pays Homage To TV’s Favorite Coffee Shop

What better way to show your love for Friends than with a Central Perk cookie jar? This cute ceramic cookie jar has two different logos that you can rotate and display: the iconic Friends logo on one side and the Central Perk logo on the other. The green lid has a gasket to create a seal that will help keep your cookies and baked goods fresh, and the top knob is shaped like a tiny coffee cup. Reviewers love the fact that this jar is both practical and a cute reference to their favorite 90s sitcom.

One reviewer wrote: “It’s much bigger than I expected which I LOVE! It’s the perfect size! The coffee cup on the lid is the cutest! I’m such a FRIENDS fanatic so this is perfect for me! I’ll be ordering for a couple more people!”

5. The Perfect Cookie Jar For Dr. Who Fans

This Doctor Who-themed cookie jar is perfect for fans of the acclaimed BBC series (sonic screwdriver not included). The ceramic jar is shaped and painted just like the Doctor’s famous TARDIS police box, and the recessed door panels on the jar actually make it easier to hold. This jar has a 3.13-quart capacity, and the lid has a rubber gasket for an airtight seal. There's also small knob on the top of the lid for easy lifting.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves it. It is sturdy and well painted. The lid has a rubber ring to help keep the cookies fresh and the hole is large enough for a good size cookie.”