The 42 Best Things On Amazon You've Never Heard Of

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Some say that ignorance is bliss, and depending on the circumstances, I'm inclined to agree — when it comes to seeing your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend that he's posting all over Instagram or finding out that your roommate only rinses her dishes, for instance. But when it comes to discovering the latest and greatest products that you can show off to your friends, it's definitely better to be in-the-know rather than have your head in the sand — and that's why I've rounded up some of the coolest products on Amazon you never knew existed.

From an easy-to-use putty that lets you quickly fix holes in your rental apartment so you don't lose your security deposit to an LED lightbulb that doubles as a standalone flashlight, there are tons of highly-rated products on Amazon that you've never seen before.

And while there's unfortunately no dish soap on this list that you can send as a passive-aggressive hint to your roommate, fear not — there's a durable water bottle that doubles as a foam roller. Yes, I realize that won't help clean your dishes, but you can at least work the stress out of your muscles while you watch them splash around in the sink.

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