The 41 Best Things On Amazon You've Never Heard Of


Some say that ignorance is bliss, and depending on the circumstances, I'm inclined to agree — when it comes to seeing your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend that he's posting all over Instagram or finding out that your roommate only rinses her dishes, for instance. But when it comes to discovering the latest and greatest products that you can show off to your friends, it's definitely better to be in-the-know rather than have your head in the sand — and that's why I've rounded up some of the coolest products on Amazon you never knew existed.

From an easy-to-use putty that lets you quickly fix holes in your rental apartment so you don't lose your security deposit to an LED lightbulb that doubles as a standalone flashlight, there are tons of highly-rated products on Amazon that you've never seen before.

And while there's unfortunately no dish soap on this list that you can send as a passive-aggressive hint to your roommate, fear not — there's a durable water bottle that doubles as a foam roller. Yes, I realize that won't help clean your dishes, but you can at least work the stress out of your muscles while you watch them splash around in the sink.

The Putty That Lets You Quickly Fix Holes So You Can Keep Your Security Deposit

It's only until you need to move do you see the holes in your rental's walls — but instead of forfeiting your security deposit, use the Erase-A-Hole drywall repair putty to quickly plug them up. The custom putty formula won't shrink or crack, and it only takes minutes to repair holes in your plaster, drywall, or wood paneling. As an added bonus, this putty won't dry out after it's been opened, and it even dries white for a seamless blend into your walls.

A Lightbulb That You Can Use Even When The Power Goes Out

Regular lightbulbs won't work without electricity (duh), but the JackonLux rechargeable LED bulbs can still provide you with up to four hours of light if your power ever goes out. You can also use these lightbulbs as standalone flashlights, hook lights, camping lights, and more. Plus, they're designed to be exceptionally durable and impact-resistant. Many Amazon reviewers noted how long their battery lasts when not plugged in, and one wrote: "very bright, and that's exactly what I needed in the garage!"

The Handheld Massager That Helps Improve Your Blood Circulation

If you've found your muscles aching after a long, stressful day of work, then try using the Recoup Fitness cold massage roller to alleviate any soreness and increase blood circulation to those parts of your body. You can keep this roller in your refrigerator or freezer so it helps to cool you down while you massage yourself, and it's great for reducing inflammation both before and after your workouts.

A Water Bottle That Doubles As A Foam Roller

Why lug a foam roller and a water bottle to the gym when you could just combine the two and use the MOBOT foam roller water bottle instead? Made from 100 percent cycled stainless steel that's incredibly durable and resistant to rust, this foam roller can handle up to 350 pounds of pressure, is BPA-free, and holds 27 ounces of water.

The Packing Cubes That Keep Your Luggage Neat And Tidy

It's almost impossible for your clothes not to get tossed around and wrinkled while they're in a suitcase — unless of course, you have these LeanTravel packing cubes that ensure that your clothes stay organized and flat. They also help compress them so that you can fit even more items in your suitcase, and each order comes with two large cubes as well as one medium-sized cube. The sides are also reinforced so they hold their shape and won't stretch out over time.

A Charging Cable Disguised As A Fashionable Bracelet

I literally own a leather Coach bracelet that looks exactly like the Auzev lightning cable bracelet — except mine costs hundreds of dollars, and it doesn't charge my phone. This bracelet is made from high-quality smooth leather that protects the lightning cable on the inside so that it doesn't wind up fraying like traditional cables, and it's even waterproof for added durability. One reviewer writes: "This is a great solution for anyone that wants an emergency charger in addition to having a great piece of jewelry."

The Outlet That Turns Your Devices Off To Save You Energy

If you've ever forgotten to turn off your stove, hair straightener, lights, or practically any other electrical appliance, then you might want to try using the Simple Touch shut-off safety outlet. This outlet will automatically cut off your devices' supply of electricity to help save you money on utilities in the event you forget to turn them off yourself, plus you can choose between one, two four, and eight hours depending on what works best for you.

A Night Light That Doubles As An Aromatherapy Diffuser

You can use it as a gentle bedroom nightlight, or you can use the Kimfly night light aromatherapy diffuser to spread your favorite essential oils throughout the air in your home. The white porcelain lampshade has a groove on the top that holds essential oils so that the lightbulb can evaporate them into the air, and it even rotates a full 360-degrees so you can easily make it fit into any awkward corners.

The Wipes That Let You Take A 'Shower' Anywhere

Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply so busy that you don't have time to take a proper shower, the Dude Products shower wipes can help you stay clean. These wipes are TSA-approved so that you can easily use them to refresh yourself after a long flight, and because they're made from an extra-large, thick material, you won't have to worry about them tearing as you wipe yourself down from head to toe.

A Pack Of Drywall Hooks That Can Hold Up To 50 Pounds Each

Mounting heavy frames to your walls can be difficult — unless you have these Monkey Hook picture hanger hooks. Just press them into your drywall the same you would as thumbtacks: Each order comes with 10 original hooks, 10 hooks that are made from thicker steel, and 10 flush hooks that are perfect for smaller items. These hooks can hold up to 50 pounds so you won't have to worry about your items crashing to the floor, and they require no tools to install.

The Sanitizing Mist That's Made With Organic Essential Oils

Made from six different 100 percent certified organic essential oils, the PlaneAire travel mist is a great way to sanitize any germ-laden surfaces while you travel. This mist eliminates over 99.99 percent of potentially harmful bacteria, and the compact size is TSA-approved. Each bottle lasts for approximately 450 sprays — plus, it's even great for everyday use in taxis, public bathrooms, gyms, and more.

A Nail Clipper That's Designed With A Rotating Swivel Head

Clipping your nails at awkward angles can lead to a clunky manicure, whereas the SpinSnips precision nail clipper is designed with a rotating swivel head that lets you trim your nails in the most comfortable position possible. The blades on this clipper are extra-sharp, so you don't have to worry about leaving your nails with any jagged edges — plus, the stainless steel construction means that they're resistant to rust.

The Filter That Removes Preservatives From Your Wine

If you've ever had a glass of wine only to wind up with a splitting headache a few hours later — then try using this brilliant PureWine wand filter to get rid of all the sulfite preservatives and histamines that can leave you with painful hangovers. This wand filter works with all types of wine as well as sparkling wines, and it won't impact the flavor or aromas of your wine. Its compact size means you can keep it with you to use at restaurants, and one reviewer writes: "OMG!!!! This works. I love wine, but have terrible allergies to the histamines, sulfites, and preservatives in wine. I actually use one wand for two glasses of wine. I was very skeptical, but it works like a dream!"

A Mold That Makes The Perfect Ice Cubes For Whiskey

Regular ice cubes melt quickly because they have more surface area exposed to your beverage — but the Corkcicle whiskey wedge is shaped to melt much slower (yes, like a wedge). The mold is made from flexible silicone so that it's easy to pop the cube out once it's frozen, and you won't have to worry about it cracking through repeated use.

The Curling Grater Made From Stainless Steel

Whether you're preparing cheese, chocolate, or even vegetables, the Microplane large shaver grater makes it easy to create curls that look great on any plate. It's made from durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust, plus the non-slip rubber feet on the bottom prevent it from sliding all over your countertops while you work. This shaver also comes with a plastic safety cover to protect the blade when it's in storage, and you can even use it as a citrus zester.

An Inflatable Lantern That's Powered By The Sun

Perfect for camping, picnics, or even simply for stocking your emergency kit, the LuminAID inflatable lantern can provide up to 12 hours of light when fully charged, and because it's solar-powered, you won't have to worry about replacing any batteries. There are seven different color modes to choose from as well as a multi-color rainbow fade mode — plus, you can even recharge it via USB in just two hours if you don't want to use the sun.

The Under-Eye Massager That Helps Combat Dark Circles

Whether you've got dark circles, puffy skin, or simply sore, tired eyes, Zuoli eye massager is right up your alley. This massager helps to stimulate healthy blood circulation in order to refresh the skin underneath your eyes, and it also has a heating function that helps open up your pores so your skin can absorb your favorite creams and serums. Many Amazon reviewers noted how it's "well-made," and one even raved that she could tell her eyes were less puffy after just one month!

A Dry Shampoo Made With Oat Milk

Sometimes you just don't have time for a shower — so on days when you're in a rush, try using the Klorane dry shampoo to soak up the excess oil in your hair. This shampoo is made with oat milk that helps soothe your scalp, plus the added corn and rice starches are great for absorbing greasy residues. There are zero sulfates or parabens in the formula, and it even adds volume to your second-day style.

The Tumbler Handle That Doubles As A Flashlight

Not only can it attach to practically any 30-ounce tumbler including the Yeti, but the NEBO tumbler holder also has a built-in flashlight with three different dimmable lighting modes to choose from. The ergonomic handle allows it to fit comfortably in your hand while you sip on your favorite beverages, and it's powered via three AAA batteries.

A Pain Relief Gel Made With Premium Hemp Oil

The Coldee pain relief gel is great for alleviating pain from sore joints, tired muscles, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and even carpal tunnel. It's formulated with natural hemp oil that's chock-full of nourishing omegas, antioxidants, and amino acids, plus it's completely free from any GMOs and gluten. It also absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving any unpleasant greasy residue.

The Duffel Bag That's Both Water- And Tear-Resistant

Made from durable nylon that's both water- and tear-resistant, the WANDF travel duffel bag works great as a gym bag, and it's designed to be the perfect size to use as a carry-on during your next flight. The reinforced straps allow it to hold up to 40 pounds of weight with ease, and when you're done using it, this bag even folds down into itself so that it's easy to store.

A Serum That Removes Scratches From Your Car

Getting your car professionally painted to remove any unwanted scratches can be incredibly expensive, but the TriNova scratch remover is only a few bucks. This handy serum lets you scrub away any light nicks or scratches on your car without needing any high-powered machine buffers, and it even leaves your car looking shiny without having to go back and polish it afterwards. One Amazon reviewer even raved that they "literally couldn't even tell where the scratches were" after using this product.

The Pen That Helps Restore Your Grout To Its Original White Color

Scrubbing your grout back to its original pearly-white color isn't always possible, so try using the Rainbow Chalk Markers LTD grout pen instead. This convenient pen leaves your grout looking good as new, and it's formulated with antibacterial agents that help prevent mold and grime from developing over time. It dries quickly so you're not left waiting around to take a shower, and the precision applicator makes it easy to apply it directly to your grout without marking the tile.

A Cooling Rack That Takes Up Hardly Any Countertop Space

Unlike traditional cooling racks that are wide and bulky, the Wilton three-tier cooling rack stacks on top of itself so that you can easily cool dozens of cookies without taking up tons of precious counter space. Each cooling rack is coated in non-stick so your baked goods don't get stuck to them while they cool off, and they're designed to fold down near-flat so that they take up hardly any space.

The Burger Press That Makes Perfectly-Even Patties

Making sure that your burger patties are uniform in size and thickness is crucial to having them all cook evenly, which is only part of what makes the Cave Tools burger maker so great. This handy mold lets you create uniform 1/3-pound square patties that you can cook immediately or save for later, and the built-in dimple helps prevent your burgers from seizing up into rounded lumps. Each order comes with 25 barbecue recipes to help get you started, and the silicone construction means it's also naturally antibacterial.

A Kitchen Scraper That You Can Use For Practically Anything

Use it to slice up dough and cheese — or you can even use the OXO scraper and chopper to help slide chopped vegetables and other ingredients from the cutting board to your pan. The blade is made from durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and it even has 1/4-inch markings that you can use to help measure out your food. The handle is non-slip so that it stays securely in your grip, plus it's also soft so your hands remain comfortable while you work.

The Face Mask Infused With Vitamin C To Brighten Your Complexion

Not only does the vitamin C help brighten your complexion, but the pumpkin used in the Andalou Naturals pumpkin honey mask is also great for evening out your skin tone in addition to mitigating damage from the sun's UV rays. The ingredients used to make this mask are all organic, vegan, and gluten-free, plus the added aloe vera gives your skin an added boost of hydration.

An Insulated Travel Mug That Doubles As A Tea And Coffee Press

Just add coarsely-ground coffee or loose tea leaves, and the Bodum tea and coffee press mug will work like a French press to deliver you a delicious beverage whether you're at home or on-the-go. The double-wall construction helps insulate your beverage so that cold liquids stay cold and hot ones stay warm for several hours, plus the spill-resistant lid helps prevent any accidental messes.

The Water Bottle With A Built-In Charcoal Filter

You could pay for a bottle of water, or you could save yourself some money and use this charcoal filter water bottle to filter the water from sinks, water fountains, and more while you're on-the-go. The cork in this water bottle helps prevent any leaks in the event it tips over, and the construction is completely BPA-free. Many Amazon reviewers noted how it's a great way to get clean water while at the office, and one even raved that "this is the first filtering water bottle I have tried that actually makes our drinking fountain water taste good!"

A Serum That Gets Rid Of Unwanted Blemishes From Your Bum

You've got an acne solution for your face, but what about the other parts of your body? The Green Heart Labs butt acne lotion is not only made with alpha-hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate, but the added aloe and calendula also help to soothe inflammation and redness. You can also use this lotion on your back, thighs, and shoulders, plus it also helps even out your skin.

A Wallet That Protects You From Digital Pickpockets

Not only can it hold up to 15 credit cards along with your driver's license, but the Travelambo RFID-blocking wallet is also designed to prevent electronic pickpockets from accessing your sensitive credit card information while you're traveling, or even just walking around the mall. This wallet is made from high-quality synthetic leather that's incredibly durable, and there are also two long zippered pockets where you can store your cash.

The Neck Pillow With That Uses Acupressure To Reduce Stress

Whether you're traveling on a plane, or simply trying to relax at home, the ZenGuru acupressure neck pillow can pinpoint the tense trigger points in your neck and shoulders to help relieve pain from migraines, headaches, and general stress overall. It only takes about 20 minutes of wearing this neck pillow every day in order to feel its full acupressure benefits, and one Amazon reviewer said she even uses it on her feet.

A Diffuser That Leaves Curly Hair With Tons Of Volume

Using a regular hair dryer on curly or wavy hair is a recipe for frizz, but using the Segbeauty hair diffuser will leave your hair with tons of volume and defined curls. This diffuser is compatible with most types of hair dryers, and the extra-large bowl allows it to get a better grip on your hair than competing products. You can also spin the nozzle to change up how the air flows through it in order to get the most volume possible, and the nylon construction is incredibly durable.

The Hat That Helps Alleviate Pain From Headaches

Sometimes the best solutions are the easiest ones, so the next time you find your head beginning to ache, try using the Headache Hat wearable ice pack on your head. This ice pack is made from a combination of cotton and microfleece that makes it feel super-soft to the touch, and each ice cube on the inside is wrapped individually so that they target all the pain points around your head.

A Waterproof Pouch That Keeps Your Valuables Safe From Damage

The quickest way to ruin a vacation is to get your phone or wallet soaking wet, which is why the Blue Sky Basics waterproof pouch is triple-sealed in order to keep your valuables dry — even if you're underwater. This pouch is large enough that it can easily hold your phone, keys, credit cards, passport, camera, and more, plus it feels soft against your skin so it's comfortable to wear.

The Chic Bag That's Large Enough To Fit Your Laptop

Made from water-repellent faux leather, the KROSER laptop backpack sets itself apart from other laptop bags not only by being incredibly stylish, but it also features a built-in USB port that allows you to charge your phone directly from any power bank or computer in the bag. There are multiple pockets on the inside where you can store your tablet and laptop, and there's even a zippered pocket that's perfect for smaller valuables.

A Solution That Exfoliates Away Even The Most Stubborn Skin

You only have to use The Ordinary peeling solution one or two times a week to effectively hydrate dry skin — and it even helps to get rid of flakes or peeling skin. After 10 minutes, simply wipe it off with a warm, wet towel, and you should be able to see results within just a few days. One Amazon reviewer even raved that it helped fade acne scars, as well as shrink the appearance of pores.

The Brush That Leaves Your Electronics Incredibly Clean

Maybe your laptop has a few crumbs stuck in the keyboard, or maybe your phone has some dust stuck in the camera lens —either way, the OXO electronics cleaning brush has nylon bristles and a silicone wiper that can get them looking almost clean as new. The bristles are retractable so that they don't get bent while in storage, and you can also use this brush to remove dirt and grime from your jewelry.

A Scrub That's Loaded With 100 Percent Natural Arabica Coffee

Use it on your face to help exfoliate away dead skin, or you can use this coffee scrub all over your body to help soothe your skin. The added organic coconut oil is great for giving your complexion a nourishing dose of moisture, and it can reduce puffiness to leave your skin glowing. It has a shelf life of up to two years, and will leave you feeling awake and invigorated.

The Gel That Removes Dirt From Awkward Nooks And Crannies

Not only can you use it to get dust out from your keyboard, but the ColorCoral cleaning gel can also be pressed into the air vents in your car to remove any dirt or grime that may have developed. This gel is biodegradable, and the lemon fragrance is refreshingly light. It's also reusable so that you can use it over and over without needing to buy a replacement, and it's gentle enough that you can even use it on your cell phone.

A Set Of Prongs That Make It Easy To Slice Your Vegetables Evenly

You can use it to hold your vegetables down so that they don't roll away while you cut them, or you can use the Zsjhtc prongs kitchen tool to get uniformly-sliced veggies for burgers, salads, and more. The prongs are made from durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust and corrosion, plus it's also a great way to keep your hands odor-free while preparing onions.

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