This New 'Gossip Girl' Meme Features Hilarious Made-Up Convos Between Blair & Serena


There's no telling when the Gossip Girl reboot will be heading to TV screens amidst filming delays, but fans can still enjoy a nostalgic trip to the Upper East Side just the same. It's been almost a decade since Manhattan royalty Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen were ruling New York City together, but the internet has dreamed up a hilarious meme with the Queen Bee herself coming up with tongue-in-cheek responses to all of her BFF's questions. Here are the 25 best Gossip Girl memes of Blair and Serena that will have you literally laughing out loud.

It's hard to tell when the Twitterverse first started sharing imagined (and increasingly more hilarious) versions of a conversation between the two frenemies, but they first started trending on the social media platform the week of April 13. It appears Twitter user @baro_tokiyo came up with the first Blair and Serena meme, which had Serena telling her bestie "I have to pee," and Blair responding, "Go p*ss girl," by rearranging the first six letters in "gossip." "This is testing what little sanity I have left," she captioned the meme. Upper East Side fans quickly jumped on the meme with their own variations, and it's since gone viral on the social media platform.

If you haven't seen the template yet, it's basically two images of Blake Lively and Leighten Meester from Season 1 where Lively's Serena asks Meester's Blair a question or makes some kind of a statement. Instead of saying the show's tagline "Gossip Girl," Meester's Blair responds with an imagined response using letter's from the title of the show — and people are getting so creative with it. From a play on Peppa Pig to a twist on the calculation of pi, there are plenty of LOL-worthy (and NSFW) iterations on the meme that are circling the web.

As one Twitter user tellingly remarked, "How will we explain this to future generations?"

There are a few variations on staying hydrated:

Then, there's this "historical" version. And a little tea spilled.

There's a James Bond-Gossip Girl mash-up you didn't know you needed.

Serena and Blair give a little math lesson.

Photoshop comes into play with this Despicable Me version.


The girls also get multilingual.

A cooking lesson:

A biology refresher:

Serena and Blair are also invested in Drag Race.

There's a nod to Blake Lively's real-life wedding to Ryan Reynolds.

A couple animal-themed memes:

A "supportive" Blair:

There are Titanic and "Barbie Girl references for the '90s stans.

A timely version about social distancing:

Sam Bee got political with her take.

Finally, Blake Lively even got in on the fun when she shared a timely version of the meme on her Instagram Story on April 15.

Blake Lively/Instagram

If you're ready to jump on the meme bandwagon yourself, just make sure that you're keeping the answer to 10 letters maximum (bonus points if you can keep the "girl" in there). To get you started, here's a blank template, courtesy of @sortahari.

XOXO, the Twitterverse.