These 9 Colorful Sneakers All Play Up 2020's Biggest Trends

Courtesy of Reebok

If you think you're about to step into the 2020 wearing your go-to 2019 kicks, think again. With a new year comes new styles to lust over, and 2020's sneaker trends are all about statement-making colors and shapes. Tell your dad his chunky sneakers are getting a major, major upgrade, and ditch your usual all-white faves for a more eye-catching color palette. To get the scoop on all things trending for 2020, I chatted with some of the best in sneaker biz for the inside scoop.

Jason Faustino, the Global Marketing Manager of Saucony's Orginals line, says sneakers will really get their time to shine in 2020. "I think the world has finally evolved to realize that wearing sneakers isn’t 'dressing down,'" Faustino tells Elite Daily exclusively. "We live in a time where people are embracing a sense of 'no rules,' particularly when it comes to style and design, which the sneaker industry has always collectively excelled in." As for specific trends on the rise, fashionistas are leaning towards large silhouettes and bright shades. "It looks like 2020's trend will be the evolution of the chunky look," Mark Eggert, FILA's Sr. Vice President of Footwear Design & Advanced Concepts, tells Elite Daily exclusively. "While the chunky trainer has been an undeniable trend for the past few seasons, consumers are starting to move forward into a few different offshoots of this silhouette." And yes, like it or not, your ~classic white kicks~ are officially boring. "For [FILA], the past few seasons have been about white-based sneakers with that being the main focus to the overall story," says Eggert. "For next year, we're seeing consumers starting to play around with more brighter colors applied to a single style."

Ready to treat yourself to some new sneakers for the new year? Check out a few on-trend options below:

FILA Disruptor 2 Clear in 661 ($75, FILA)

These babies have the chunky silhouette Eggert claims you'll be seeing everywhere, and the clear panels allow the opportunity to introduce tons of color combos via different socks.

Reebok It's A Man's World x Distortedd Instapump Fury Sneakers ($180, Coming soon to Reebok)

Courtesy of Reebok

Chunky? Check. Colorful? Check. Visual artist Distortedd, aka Anhia Zaira Santana, is known for her live painting exhibitions, and she's used her talents to trick out a pair of sneakers for Reebok. Shoppers can snag these babies for $180 on the Reebok site come Jan. 8.

PUMA RS-X Toys Sneakers ($110, PUMA)

Chunky and colorful as it gets, this pair gives me Rugrats vibes thanks to the green, purple, blue, and orange color scheme. Why not start off the new decade with an homage to one of the best shows of the '90s, which I *still* can't accept ended almost 20 years ago.

Vans Glory Check Varix WC ($100, Vans)

If you simply refues to let the white sneaker trend die, at least give it a 2020 twist. This mostly-white pair of sneakers is about as chunky as a Vans silhouette gets, and the mini rainbow and holographic takes on the brand's signature check pattern feel very new era.

Skechers Energy Sneaker in Yellow ($65, Skechers)

Looking for a statement-making, solid-colored shoe? This leather pair comes in yellow, purple, or red — OK, all-white, too, but we're branching out in 2020, people!

APL Iconic Chelsea in Leopard Calfhair ($350, APL)

If you're ready to splurge on your first pair of luxury sneakers, APLs are a great option. The Chelsea silhouette is almost boot-like, but way more comfortable. If 2020's bold colors aren't really your speed, opt for a fun pattern and an interesting texture (like calfhair) to give your footwear some flair.

Saucony Mad River TR in Blue/Navy ($100, Saucony)

I'm all for style, but what about a sneaker you can actually run in? This Saucony pick features a bulkier silhouette than the average running shoe, but still has cushioned interiors and grippy traction soles to make your morning jog or gym sesh a breeze.

Adidas Supercourt RX Shoes in Beige ($140, Adidas)

Nothing jazzes up a chunky dad sneaker like a snakeskin print with unexpected pops of color, am I right? The beige base keeps these sneakers fairly neutral, but the pattern is enough to ensure they stand out.

Nike Aqua Rifts ($140, coming soon to Nike)


It's possible all other colorful, chunky kicks take a backseat to Nike's Aqua Rifts, set to drop in early 2020. The brand paired retro colors with a futuristic shape (Peep the split toe detail if you dare) for a look that's bound to thrive in the new decade.