Joe Biden's dogs Champ and Major starred in a 2020 Christmas video.

Watch Joe Biden’s Dogs Champ & Major Wish You A Merry Christmas In A Festive Video

Ah, the howlidays. What's better than celebrating Christmas alongside a furry friend or two? As President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20 draws near, America is becoming more interested in getting to know the future first family — including the two new presidential pooches, Major and Champ. This 2020 Christmas video from Joe Biden’s dogs shows off the pups' very different personalities, and it's pawsitively adorable.

On Dec. 24, President-elect Joe Biden's two German Shepherds, Major and Champ, delivered a festive seasonal greeting from the Biden home. "No matter how you celebrate," the on-screen message said, "merry Christmas." Throughout the video, the two dogs showcased exactly what made their personalities so unique. As 12-year-old Champ sat lazily in front of the tree, 2-year-old Major rambunctiously chased toys around the house. Although Major settled down eventually, it was clear who the more spirited of the two was.

Once Biden is inaugurated in 2021, Major and Champ will serve the very important (and currently empty) role as presidential pets. Since President Donald Trump is the only commander-in-chief without a pet of some kind in over a century, Biden's team of pups will be the first to frolic the White House hallways since 2017.

As it turns out, Major and Champ's reputations precede them. The Biden family adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018, meaning he'll be the first shelter dog to ever live in the White House. And much like Major, Champ also has a rambunctious side. In 2015, the chatty canine interrupted an interview Biden had with 60 Minutes. "Hey Champ, you wanna play golf?" Biden asked. In turn, Champ barked in anticipation. "He's a talker," Biden chuckled. Most recently, Biden found himself with a fractured foot after a particularly exuberant play session with the pair of pooches.

Since the dawn of American democracy, U.S. presidents have had a long history of keeping some wild, wacky, and outright weird pets in the White House. So, no matter how rambunctious Major and Champ get, it seems like these two good boys will do just fine.