The 2018 Road Trip Playlist Your Wanderlust Didn't Know It Needed

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A new year is a great time to travel. New beginnings, new wants, and new friends will be surrounding you, and maybe you just want to get away. The beginning of the year may also a good time to take off for some "me time." Either way, a big decision to make is where you should go. A lot of people go to Europe or somewhere tropical, but those things can be really expensive, and not all of us can swing a trip like that. But something that is super fun and on the less expensive side is traversing the United States. Yep, a road trip is perfect for you and your friends, and a 2018 road trip playlist is what you need to really get you motivated to mark up a map and just go.

There are so many possibilities for road trip routes, from coast to cost or north to south. Going on a road trip will bring you new perspectives to America and take you to some really interesting places. You can even make a theme to your trip like visiting world records (i.e. the biggest cheese wheel or largest ball of yarn) or visiting famous people's hometowns (i.e. Nashville, Oakland, and Chicago are some good ones). Whatever you do decide, these songs are about to become your go-to mood boosters for this trip. Enjoy!

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1"Life Is A Highway" By Rascal Flatts

LyricStreet on YouTube

Starting off the list with a damn classic. If you're a fan of the Cars movies, this is perfect, and even if you're not, there's no denying that this captures the essence of a road trip and makes you want to drive into the sunset with the windows down.

2"No Problem" By Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper on YouTube

Chicago's Hometown Hero, Chance The Rapper is killin' the game right now (and has been for quite some time). Maybe I'm biased because we share the greatest city in the world, but this song really gets me going and is such a good song to just vibe to. Perfect for the road, for sure.

3"Mr. Brightside" By The Killers

TheKillersVEVO on YouTube

As a go-to party song, "Mr. Brightside" doesn't fail to bring a smile to our faces. It's perfect to add to any playlist, but especially one when the wind is blowing in your face and you are able to just feel free. It's also great to belt.

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4"HUMBLE." By Kendrick Lamar

KendrickLamarVEVO on YouTube

One of the best songs to bang your head to, Kendrick Lamar delivers an upbeat song meant to be played wherever. While it's not a typical "road trip song," it'll get your blood pumping, so it's good with me.

5"Bring Me To Life" By Evanescence

EvanescenceVEVO on YouTube

Another one meant to be screamed at the top of your lungs, "Bring Me To Life" starts out slow, but grows into something we all know. It's perfect, trust me.

6"Misery Business" By Paramore

Fueled By Ramen on YouTube

Every girl who liked punk rock in middle school (*cough* me *cough*) will know all the lyrics to this gem. What better song to play when you and your ladies are zooming through the greatest cities?

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7"Take Me Out" By Franz Ferdinand

franzferdinandVEVO on YouTube

Maybe it's just me, but this one is such a bop. Its energy level is high, and the guitar gives me the feels every time.

8"Sweet Caroline" By Neil Diamond

KarlStudios1 on YouTube

Every person knows the lyrics to this song (or at least the chorus), and I don't want to hear otherwise. Because of this, it's perfect for a feel-good ride.

9"(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66" By The Rolling Stones

MarsIsDead on YouTube

It's not a road trip playlist without this one. And it's so appropriate if you're driving on the literal Route 66.

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10"Yoncé" By Beyoncé

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

Maybe it's because of the Zendaya video where she jams to this in the car (with perfect choreo, might I add), but this is always going to be a car song to me. Just, make sure no kids are around.

11"Little Red Corvette" By Prince

Prince on YouTube

This is a given, and Prince is a legend. That's all I need to say.

12"New Rules" By Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa on YouTube

The video? Iconic. The song? Revolutionary. Vibe for the car? Perfect.

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13"Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" By Selena

SelenaVEVO on YouTube

Every time I think of Selena, I get sad because she was taken too soon. But then I hear this song and know she would have wanted me to blast it and do the Washing Machine to it (something I will always try in the car, regardless of movement availability).

14"Everytime We Touch" By Cascada

CascadaHDMusic on YouTube

A guaranteed banger, this song hits it in all the right places. If you don't freak out to this song and just go ham, did you even have a good childhood?

15"Love On Top" By Beyoncé

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

Maybe it's the beginning of the song, or the groovy vibe or that goddamn key change, but this song is gold. It will never not be a bop, and deserves to be played on every road trip.

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16"Hit The Road Jack" By Ray Charles

Andrés Treviño on YouTube

Another guaranteed song, it just belongs on this list.

17"Drive" By Halsey

HalseyVEVO on YouTube

I love this song and this album was great by Halsey. It's a bit more mellow, but serves its purpose.

18"Another Travelin' Song" By Bright Eyes

klkool1 on YouTube

This one just feels like it was made to play in a car. Maybe it's the folksy guitar, but it screams "Americana" and "Road Trip."

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19"Ticket To Ride" By The Beatles

fnkanaz on YouTube

It's The Beatles singing about traveling (metaphorically or not). Need I say more?

20"Shut Up And Drive" By Rihanna

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

Riri made the best car song with this one. Sometimes you just need to shut up and cruise, ya know?

21"You Oughtta Know" By Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette on YouTube

Alanis really knew what she's doing when she wanted to make a classic song that lets out our inner badass. This song takes the win.

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22"Bohemian Rhapsody" By Queen

Queen Official on YouTube

If your friend won't have a singing match with you on this one, where you belt each part back to each other, are they even your friend?

23"Santeria" By Sublime

IlikePudding21 on YouTube

Definitely better for when you drive in the summer (it's just because of the feel of it), but it's a great driving song. And the vibe is fantastic.

24"What A Girl Wants" By Christina Aguilera

CAguileraVEVO on YouTube

OG Christina is the best for nostalgic car rides, and this one is great because you'd be kidding yourself if you said you didn't know all the words.

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25"Hips Don't Lie" By Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean

shakiraVEVO on YouTube

While your hips can't really move like you may want, this makes for a great song to jam to. All hail Shakira.

26"Our Song" By Taylor Swift

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Say what you want about Taylor, but this song was great. It has that old country feel that she was great at and was definitely meant to be played in the car.

27"All The Small Things" By Blink-182

blink182VEVO on YouTube

Blink-182 will always be classic. This is one of their best to get you in the driving (and rocking out) spirit.

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28"Blue (Da Ba Dee)" By Eiffel 65

Bliss Corporation on YouTube

We all weirdly know the words to this one. We bopped to it in grade school on the regular, so of course it's added here.

29"We're All In This Together" By The High School Musical Cast

97Shakiraforever97 on YouTube

Y'all can never go wrong with a High School Musical song. This is one of the best.

30"Born To Run" By Bruce Springsteen

BruceSpringsteenVEVO on YouTube

A no-brainer, this needs to be on here. Plus, why not listen to something that speaks to America like a Bruce Springsteen song?

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31"Highway To Hell" By AC/DC

acdcVEVO on YouTube

That guitar in the beginning gets me every time and is sure to make your ride even more enjoyable. AC/DC always comes in clutch.

32"Born To Be Wild" By Steppenwolf

Max Shkiv on YouTube

When in doubt, play some classic rock like this one. Legendary.

33"Suavemente" By Elvis Crespo

ElvisCrespoVEVO on YouTube

Known in my house as the song to get all Latinos up to dance, this is a must-have for anyone with a crave to dance (even if it's only from the waist up).

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34"I Drove All Night" By Céline Dion

CelineDionVEVO on YouTube

Céline is a queen. This early 2000s pop is what you need in your car ASAP.

35"Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" By Billy Ocean

BillyOceanVEVO on YouTube

A good '80s song will do you soul some good. Try getting this awesome hit out of your head.

36"Gasolina" By Daddy Yankee

DaddyYankee VEVO on YouTube

I don't think any song will every get more excited than this one. "Gasolina" will always go down as the hype best song, and it's great to jam to when on the open road.

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37"Gas Pedal" By Sage The Gemini ft. Iamsu!

SageTheGeminiVEVO on YouTube

It's about a gas pedal (JK, I know it's not really) and it's a bop? Added.

38"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" By The Proclaimers

emimusic on YouTube

This jam is a fun one and a great one to know all the words to.

39"Ridin'" By Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone

ChamillionaireVEVO on YouTube

The beginning is iconic. It really gets you and your friends ready to take on the road.

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40"Paradise By The Dashboard Light" By The Glee Cast

MusicOfGlee on YouTube

My family and I have an affinity for belting show tunes. So, when Glee did this song in a way that screams "theatrical," it was added to our driving playlist for forever!

41"Ocean Avenue" By Yellowcard

YellowcardVEVO on YouTube

Your inner punk-teen will thank you. This hit is a must to sing along to with the windows rolled down, especially if you're cruising down Ocean Avenue IRL in California.

42"Me Rehúso" By Danny Ocean

Danny Ocean on YouTube

This one is just has a feel good beat (even though it's actually talking about a guy refusing to let go of the love of his life). And not to mention, the chorus is catchy AF.

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43"Greased Lightning" From 'Grease'

pillerguri on YouTube

A car classic, you need this on your list. The playlist honestly would be incomplete without it.

44"A Thousand Miles" By Vanessa Carlton

VanessaCarltonVEVO on YouTube

Self-explanatory, this is also a great song. Don't even try to play like you don't know each and every word.

45"Wake Up" By Hilary Duff

HilaryDuffVEVO on YouTube

There's just something about the beat and Hilary talking about all these places she wants to go. This is such a good car song.

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46"I Write Sins Not Tragedies" By Panic! At The Disco

Fueled By Ramen on YouTube

Another one in for nostalgia's sake, this is upbeat and gets you screaming "GODDAMN DOOR" at the top of your lungs. What more could you want?

47"No Sleep Till Brooklyn" By The Beastie Boys

TheBeastieBoysVEVO on YouTube

A classic and great to jam to, The Beastie Boys bring some great headbangers. This one calls to be blasted out your speakers.

48"Chasing Cars" By Snow Patrol

SnowPatrolVEVO on YouTube

It's slow, yes, but necessary. Yeah, it's also about cars too, so that's a must.

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49"Drive" By Incubus

IncubusVEVO on YouTube

Another slower one, this really brings you back to your childhood and drive, ya know?

50"Mi Gente" By J Balvin ft. Willy William

jbalvinVEVO on YouTube

Biased, because it was my song of 2017, but this needs to be on any playlist, but especially one where you want to get down to something while traveling across America with your favorite people. Oh yeah, and Queen B also made a version, so get on that too.

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