Here are some of the funniest Ted Talk filter TikToks.

These Hilarious "Ted Talk" TikToks Are Not What You'd Expect


ICYMI, one of the trends taking over TikTok is making your own Ted Talk, except rather than share illuminating life findings, the videos feature more mundane topics. While official Ted Talks are typically inspirational and educational — these "Tod Talks" are anything but serious. You can easily waste an hour or two scrolling through the #TodTalk or #TedTalkFilter hashtags, but if you want to see some highlights, here are 14 of the funniest Ted Talk filter TikToks to get you started.

The Ted Talk trend started because of Instagram user @SlimShader_, who created an augmented reality (AR) version of the Ted Talk stage and audience in an Instagram filter called "Tod Talk." Once the trend began taking off in late January, TikTokers jumped on the bandwagon, posting random nuggets of "wisdom" like relationship advice or anecdotes that are somehow relatable AF.

If you haven't seen any of the videos yet, the "Tod Talk" Instagram filter superimposes the user's face on a cartoon body for the delivery of their fake speech. The videos end with a virtual audience cheering and a screen with the TikToker's face on it, like a real presentation. There are a lot of videos to sift through, and the #tedtalkfilter tag has almost 3 million views as of Friday, Feb. 5, while the #todtalk tag boasts a cool 132 million views.

To see what all the hype is about, you can start with some of the funniest Ted Talk videos. Keep in mind that these videos are meant to make you laugh, so you can stick to actual Ted Talks for real life advice.

1. Relationship Issues

TikToker @mayamaybemayo's Ted Talk jokes about noncommittal people, saying if there's no commitment after three months it's time to quit.

2. When Rent's Due

TikToker @nemanjak8 posted a Ted Talk TikTok about rent being due, before joking that it doesn't apply to him since he's living with his parents.

3. Girl Power

TikToker Serena Gigliotti (@serenagigli0tti) posted a Ted Talk that reminds others that she can be sassy and it doesn't mean people need to assume what time of the month it is.

4. Procrastination

If you're a pro at procrastinating TikTok user @darlenejasen reminds you that "if it says 'due tomorrow' it's 'do tomorrow.'"

5. A Biden Meme

While most of the Ted Talks give mundane or laughable life advice, TikTok user Quinn Erk (@qerkius) decided to keep it short and sweet with President Joe Biden saying "soda" rather dramatically. The moment became a meme in 2020 along with Trump mispronouncing former President Barack Obama's name.

6. Parents Just Don't Understand

TikToker Samantha Eve (@samanthayve) jokes about the old saying, "Step on a crack, break your mama's back."

7. Men As Ramen

This TikTok Ted Talk from @AshLynxno1simp made a joke about men and ramen, and it's not what you'd think. According to the TikToker, the only "hot and spicy" men that won't disappoint are actually none of them. Instead, she says that's reserved for ramen noodles.

8. Valentine's Day

Bella Thier (@bella.the.rat) posted a TikTok addressing the unlikelihood of someone who leaves you on "delivered" while they're online asking you "Be Mine."

9. Relationship Problems

Tallie Dar's (@talliedar) TikTok Ted Talk post jokes if "he expects you to cook, clean, and do his laundry" he needs his mom, not you. TBH, that's not mom's job either.

10. When Your SO Compliments You

TikToker Jada Monét (@whoisjadaa) jokes that if your boo says you're their "world," you shouldn't get distracted, because there are eight other planets in the Solar System.

11. Homework Advice

TikToker @patrononice wants people to do their homework. He jokes (and rhymes), "If you do your homework when it's assigned, you won't behind."

12. Crying At Work

TikToker @jbugarin jokes about "crying on company time," pointing out that while the boss makes a dollar, she makes a dime.

13. Taking Off Work

TikToker @raydarrr jokes about needing a couple days off work.

14. A Ted Talk About TikTok

TikToker @iamshalco jokes that you shouldn't keep making the same kind of video because it went viral once... LOL.

If you're in the mood for more "life advice" after checking out these videos, you can always explore more in the app by searching the hashtag #TodTalk or #TedTalkFilter.