These 2 Restaurants Are Feuding On Twitter With 'Spongebob' Memes, & I Can't


There's honestly nothing in this world that brings me greater joy than a good old fashioned Twitter feud. Whether it's Kim Kardashian versus Taylor Swift, Meek Mill publicly calling out Drake, or Donald Trump starting a fight with literally everyone on the planet, there's always someone out there who has a problem with someone else... and what better way to resolve something than by hashing it out publicly on social media? If you haven't already heard about Texas Roadhouse and Outback Steakhouse's Spongebob Twitter feud, rest assured their beef truly is one for the books... and our plates (LOL, I'm sorry).

Despite what you might think, Texas Roadhouse and Outback have some major differences. Texas Roadhouse is a southern-style fast-casual haven for not only steak, but also ribs, as well as other barbecued meats. Outback Steakhouse, on the other hand, is an Australian-themed establishment known for steak — and most importantly — their forever-famous blooming onion. It's clear that the two establishments have some differences that they need to work out on their own, though, which is clearly shown by their latest Twitter feud. Shots were first fired in the early hours of Tuesday, March 20, when Texas Roadhouse stirred the pot by retweeting a Spongebob meme. The meme, which is shown below, compares themselves to The Krusty Krab, and Outback to the infamous Chum Bucket.

Below is the meme they retweeted:

OK, so the meme on its own is straight up brutal. Comparing Outback to the Chum Bucket? Really? Anyone who knows Spongebob knows how vicious it is to compare anything to the Chum Bucket, and the feud between the two undersea restaurants is truly legendary. It's unclear as to whether or not the Roadhouse knew exactly what they were getting themselves into at this point, but it's highly unlikely that they had any idea about the hilarity about to ensue.

After a few hours of mulling it over, Outback came back at them with the meme below. The fact that the two restaurants were officially in a Twitter fight using only Spongebob memes was literally genius, and it had turned into a straight-up face-off.

I don't know about you, but these scary Patrick Star memes really creeps me out... but like, at the same time, they're so hilarious. While posting the meme, Texas Roadhouse also didn't tag Outback, which can either be read as super shady, or a little bit passive aggressive. Outback eventually saw Texas Roadhouse's tweet, though, and capitalized on the fact that they didn't tag them. I really love that both restaurants are using these Spongebob-themed jabs, though, because it's the #TBT I always wanted (and because Spongebob is the best). TBH, I might start whipping these out whenever I have a bone to pick with someone.

After the second Spongebob meme, the infamous steakhouse feud then transitioned into some back-and-fourth insults — and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with Texas Roadhouse for holding their own. Even though they're relatively new to the game, they truly pulled a high level of ferociousness from out of nowhere. But in all honesty, I never would have thought that either of these restaurants would be able to make burns that weren't from a grill (OK, seriously, I cannot stop with the meat puns. I've tried and simply just can't).

Outback then retaliated with this Kermit the Frog Muppet meme, and ultimately got the last word into the historical argument.

So if you ever have to choose between Outback and Texas Roadhouse, maybe pick based on whoever you think won that Twitter war. Was it Texas Roadhouse for making the first move, or was it Outback for getting the last word in? Although I (secretly) think of the two establishments as relatively interchangeable, I guess it's all about that meat.