Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir's Quotes About Each Other Will Make You Wish They Were Dating

by Candice Jalili
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Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir might have won a gold medal, but frankly, that's the least of my concerns when it comes to this painfully sexy power team. All I care about is why in the world they are not together considering the chemistry those two have with each other. And I'm not just talking about their steamy sexual chemistry on the ice. I'm also talking about Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's quotes about each other, which are pretty much more beautiful and eloquent than any wedding vow I could possibly imagine — and these aren't even wedding vows.

You see, the couple has been working together for over two decades. In addition to them having 20 years to build a beautiful, passionate working relationship on the ice, their time together has also allowed them to develop a pretty solid relationship off the ice. The best part of it all? Neither of them are shy about talking about their fondness and straight up (platonic) love for each other, both on and off the ice. Now, even though the two vehemently claim that they are not dating (OK, fine, I believe them on that one), I think we can all agree that they SHOULD be dating.

Don't believe me? Just check out all of the beautiful things they've said about each other below.

There was that time Scott said they have "such a cool relationship."

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When an interviewer at Maclean's, a Canadian magazine, pointed out that a lot of people think they are married, Moir responded by saying:

Maybe that means we’re doing our job? We’re always telling stories, we’re supposed to be reacting, a man and woman on the ice, it’s romantic. What we have is such a cool relationship. It’s more about a friendship, our working relationship is so strong. We take so much pride in that.

And then, just when you thought things couldn't get any cuter, Virtue chimed in:

It comes with the territory and that’s part of the storytelling we do on the ice. If that’s the by-product of having a great longstanding partnership, then we can deal with it.

And of course, there was the time Virtue said they have a "special relationship."

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In the same interview with Maclean's, the duo was asked how they've made their relationship last so long, to which Virtue responded:

When we were really young, one of first coaches did a lot of work with us to build the foundation of our partnership. And now we can reflect on that time and we’re so grateful for that because we really built our partnership on a lot of respect and trust. We’re still working on it, we still do a lot of work to improve our communication, our efficiency together, to understand one another’s different preferences. It’s evolved over the course of two decades, for sure. Having spent so much time together, we realize it’s a unique dynamic but we’re so appreciative of what we have. It’s a special partnership. We still really enjoy skating together and I think that’s why we still are.

Oh, and how could I not acknowledge the fact that Moir called Virtue "fantastic" and swore he'd be a loyal partner to her forever.

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According to the Huffington Post, during a press conference following their gold medal win, Moir said Virtue is a "pretty fantastic person."

As if that wasn't adorable enough, he continued:

I would never even think about skating with somebody else. The whole reason I wanted to come back to skating was to be close to Tessa again, and to share those moments.

Moir also called the 20 years they've spent skating together "very special."

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At the same press conference, Moir stated:

We're very proud of our business relationship, it's been very special for 20 years. Who can say that? It makes me shake my head sometimes driving to the rink, because I'm still excited to see Tessa at the arena for warmup. Who enjoys going in to work every day? That's ridiculous.

And what about the time Moir said Virtue "can move like nobody [he's] ever seen"?

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In the earlier interview with Maclean's, Moir was asked to give "a scouting report" for Virtue. Needless to say, it'll make you swoon:

She's creative, from the beginning of time. She can move like nobody I've ever seen. She's very, very selfless; she's a people pleaser. But my favourite things I think have really just gotten even better in the last couple of years and that's her drive, that's her commitment to being an athlete.

Virtue quickly chimed in to say Moir is "generous, thoughtful and extremely insightful."

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When asked the same question about Moir, Virtue told Maclean's:

Scott is the most disciplined, driven athlete I've ever met. There's a fierce competitor deep within and the passion and the raw talent that is there — the ability to move and hear music and interpret it — is unlike anyone else I've ever seen on the ice. And I think because he wears his heart on his sleeve people feel so drawn in and captivated by his performances. He's generous, thoughtful and extremely insightful. He's able to understand the glide of the blade differently.

Then, there was the time when Moir basically said Virtue is the total package.

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"She's actually hilarious I think some people would be surprised," Moir said of Virtue in an interview with Yahoo Canada Sports. "A lot of people knows she's a genius. She's very smart. But she has a great drive as well. So she has a pretty good combo, fun to work with, best business partner ever."

And Virtue thinks Moir is pretty hilarious as well. "The sad thing is after 20 years, I still find Scott hysterical," she told Yahoo Canada Sports in the same interview.

Even as far back as 11 years ago, Virtue acknowledged that their "personalities balance one another extremely well."

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In a 2007 interview with Golden Skate, the duo were asked what has helped them stay together for so many years. Virtue explained:

We are best friends! I think our personalities balance one another extremely well — plus we know how to interact positively and productively with each other. We work hard at maintaining our partnership, but to be honest, it's just what we've come to know and depend on. I hardly remember my life without Scott!

It seems like the only thing Moir finds annoying about Virtue is how dang perfect she is.

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In a 2013 interview with W Dish, the duo were asked to share what "drives them crazy" about each other. Virtue's response was just that Moir's "usually late," but Moir took his response to the next level:

Tessa is a perfectionist in all ways. For example, her hair always has to be perfect for an interview or competition, she makes me look goofy next to her.

Moir also dished about his and Virtue's shared steamy pre-performance ritual.

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During an interview at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships, Moir shared that he and Virtue always hug each other before a skate:

It's something we've done for several years now really just to feel our timing together, find that synchronicity and get our breathing in unison. Just really to feel that connection and to emphasize the chemistry and togetherness that we hope to create on the ice.

You guys, they've even been to couples' therapy.

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Like all relationships, Virtue and Moir aren't immune to rough patches. After Virtue underwent a 2008 surgery, the partners told Maclean's that they didn't speak for months. Finally, they decided to get professional help:

We saw a sports psychologist together, who does sports and also psych and marriage counselling. It's kind of funny, because we don't have a marriage, but that really helped in that time when I didn't understand why we didn't understand each other.

Clearly, Moir was spot-on when he described their relationship as "unique."

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During a deep-dive investigation of their relationship, Alyssa Bereznak, a reporter at The Ringer, watched the duo's reality show, Tessa & Scott, for more clues about their relationship.

In the first episode, Virtue explained, “People search their whole lives for someone that special, and we have that, and we feel very fortunate.” As if that wasn't ~loving~ enough, Moir added, “It’s really tricky to find someone who understands the relationship that Tessa and I have, because it’s unique."

Well, the fact that these two aren't in love makes it pretty hard to believe in love anymore.

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