Teddy on 'Grey's Anatomy'

'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Are Screaming Over This Reveal About Teddy's Love Life

ABC/Tony Rivetti

Love was top of mind for many doctors on Grey's Anatomy's March 26 episode: Maggie ignited a spark with an old colleague, Richard (seemingly) reconciled with Catherine, and Teddy reminisced on a past relationship of her own — and in doing so, revealed some brand-new information about herself. This revelation about Teddy's sexuality on Grey's Anatomy has given fans a fresh look at the longtime character.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 16, Episode 19 of Grey's Anatomy follow. In the new episode, a handful of doctors got to leave the premises of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to attend the Los Angeles Surgical Innovation Conference. While Richard was off preparing his conference speech, both Maggie and Teddy experienced blasts from the past in two very different ways. As Maggie immediately hit it off with her old friend, and Teddy hit the bar, where she ran into her old roommate, Claire.

As the two reminisced about their former third roommate, Allison, audiences learned through flashbacks that Allison was dating Claire, but also had a secret affair with Teddy, while all the three women were living together in New York. Viewers then found out that Allison died during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and that's what inspired Teddy to join the Army.


At first, Teddy denied ever having a relationship with Allison, but Claire revealed she knew the two used to have a thing. After that, it was hard for Teddy to deny Allison held a particularly special place in her heart, especially considering she named her daughter Allison. Eventually, Teddy admitted to Claire that she did love Allison, and the two women were able to find some closure in knowing Allison had loved them both.

In an interview with People, Kim Raver further explained her character's love life and sexuality. "There’s so much about Teddy’s past that we don’t know," she said. "[The writers] came up with the storyline with Allison, which blew my mind. It was like that moment, 'Oh my god, yes of course, this makes so much sense.'"

But Raver is not jumping to put any labels on Teddy. "I don’t know [if Teddy is bisexual]," she told People. "For Teddy, love is love. I just know that she loves who that person is and was. I just thought that was such an amazing move."

Though Teddy's relationship with Allison is far in the past, she is still dealing with a love triangle in Season 16, with the whole Owen/Tom drama. So, although fans know more about Teddy's love life now, her current relationship situation still seems very much up in the air.

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