People Have SO Many Thoughts About Team USA’s 2021 Olympics Uniforms

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

After being postponed in 2020, the now-2021 Summer Olympic games are set to begin in Tokyo on July 23. To get ready for the event, Ralph Lauren unveiled the Team USA Olympic Closing Ceremony Parade Uniforms for both the Olympic and Paralympic teams. The sailor-suit style looks like upgraded navy uniforms from the '40s to create a classic, American look. However, the entire collection is so sustainable, it truly captures 2021's fashion sensibilities.

The uniforms include drawstring jackets, Polo shirts, and low-rise jeans in sparkling white, made from sustainable, American-grown cotton. There are subtle notes of red and blue on each piece for a minimalistic yet sharp, patriotic silhouette. Of course, there are also a few American icons sprinkled throughout; it wouldn't be the Olympics without some flag toting. As "Space Force" as the uniforms look, the wide-brim collar gives off undeniable Martha's Vineyard vibes.

“A year ago, we were trying to convince people that a certain level of sustainability was important," Ralph Lauren told WWD. "Now the world has radically changed, and it’s no longer a ‘nice to have,’ or an opportunity to create a showcase of new kinds of innovations that the world will get inspired by.”

The long-standing American brand teamed up with sustainable materials supplier Dow. Dow's Ecofast Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment uses less water, energy, dye, and chemicals to make more environmentally-friendly cotton. Meanwhile, the drawstring jacket was made from plastic water bottles. To drive the sustainability aspect home and have it on every note of the clothing, the patches were also made from Mirum, a plant-based leather alternative. The Olympic uniforms are now eco-friendly from your head to your toes.

Even if people won't be able to travel to cheer on their teams, you can still watch the games in style from your couch. Select pieces from the Olympic collection are available for laypeople to shop on Ralph Lauren's website. The prices range from $98 for the Team USA Belt to $550 for the Team USA Jacket.

The uniforms have drawn mixed reactions across social media. While some appreciate the commitment to sustainably sourced materials, others feel the outfits lack... a certain amount of flair and glam. Naturally, Twitter is already a storm of different takes on look. See some piping hot takes below: