Here’s Why Tayshia Isn’t Saving Sex For Marriage The Second Time Around

by Candice Jalili
Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It looks like The Bachelorette will go full steam ahead with the fantasy suites this season. During the Dec. 3 episode of her Click Bait podcast, Tayshia Adams shared how her views on sex before marriage have changed over time: she abstained before marrying her college sweetheart, Josh Bourelle, in February 2016, but doesn't plan on practicing abstinence again. "I waited until marriage so that being said, I now have a different [outlook] on that,” she shared. “I feel like sex before marriage is important because that’s such an intimate thing with your partner.” She went on to add that she thinks sex is “something that you have to explore, to be honest” before exchanging vows.

“I’m not saying go have a one night stand every single day, but I’m just saying it shouldn’t be the foundation of your relationship," she said. (But if that's something you're into, go for it! You don't need Adams' approval. Maybe just wait until the pandemic is over.) "I think it should definitely be a thing that you can connect on because I think it’s very, very special.”

“I’ve always dated with intention,” she continued. “I married my first boyfriend for Christ’s sake, like, I don’t have many past hookups. I’m not the girl that does that kind of thing, but I don’t know, I just find intimacy is very, very sacred.”

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Adams opened up about her marriage on The Bachelorette during a one-on-one date with contestant Brendan Morais. “I married a guy that I met in college. I also had lost myself in my marriage, like my identity was him,” she told Morais. “But unfortunately, it was infidelity and other issues — not on my part — and then we got divorced and I too felt like I failed.” She and Bourelle split in October 2017.

Here's to hoping Adams is able to find that sexual and emotional connection with one of her many qualified contestants on this season of The Bachelorette.