Fans Are Convinced Joe Alywn Is In The Taylor Swift Documentary For This Reason

Jackson Lee/GC Images/Getty Images

Swifties, prepare yourself to get emotional. After months of waiting patiently, the trailer for Taylor Swift's Miss Americana is finally here, and appears to feature Joe Alwyn. The sneak peek had fans going wild, as it showed Swift hugging someone who looks just like Alywn from the back.

Netflix released the dramatic two-minute clip on Wednesday, Jan. 22, and it's just as good as Swifties hoped for. "Forget everything you think you know about Taylor Swift," the post was captioned.

The trailer shows how Swift has grown in her career over the years, and also fought to be true to herself as a person. While she's notoriously private when it comes to her relationship with Alywn, the video gave fans hope they'll get to see more of her life with the actor in the documentary.

Reflecting on how she was constantly labeled and judged over the course of her career, Swift explained how she came out on top after being knocked down. It's then when Alwyn seems to appear, comforting an emotional Swift backstage at one of her concerts.

"I had to deconstruct an entire belief system," Swift explained. "Toss is out an reject it. It woke me up from constantly feeling like I was fighting for people's respect. It was happiness without anyone else's input."

Watch for yourself at the 1:06 mark below.

Although the man in question is wearing a cap that obscures his identity, the blonde hair peaking out from under it has fans convinced it's Alwyn for sure. That short moment sent the Twittersphere into hysterics.

"OMG!! I love you!!! So proud of you Darling! Keep shining! You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. & OMG IS THAT JOE ALWYN HUGGING TAYLOR SWIFT??" one Twitter user wrote. Another fan tweeted: "DID I JUST SAW @taylorswift13 RUN INTO JOE ALWYN & HUG HIM AFTER HER SHOW??????!!!! IS THAT JOE ALWYN???? WE WILL ALSO SEE JOE IN THIS???? OMFG!!!!"

See more fan reactions below.

Swift announced news of her Netflix documentary in November 2019, saying it's focused on her "life for the past few years." Seeing as Swift and Alwyn have been dating since at least the fall of 2016, there's a good chance Miss Americana will have one, if not more, cameos from Alwyn.

Miss Americana will be available on Netflix and in select theaters on Friday, Jan. 31.