Taylor Swift Revealed The Epic Secret Content She'll Include In Her 'Lover' Album

by Jamie LeeLo
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I'm going to level with you guys. Taylor Swift is polarizing. While she is undeniably talented and incredibly business savvy, not every person on this planet is on board with all the big smiles and cat stuff. She's been called many many things from Queen to snake, but the entire time her career has thrived. With the impending release of her latest album Lover comes plenty of easter eggs and insider-y details that only Swifties can appreciate, which is why the announcement of Taylor Swift's 'Lover' special edition albums will make Swifties incredibly happy.

Sure, Swift's music video for "You Need To Calm Down" shouts a message of equality and forgiveness, but let's be real. It was mostly just one giant puzzle and treasure map full of clues about impending music and projects. Swift is officially known for her love of hiding easter eggs throughout her work and frankly, didn't even try to make it that mysterious in "You Need To Calm Down." Almost every shot looks like it includes some key detail Swifties should be stashing away in their T-Swift Folder Of Findings.

One big moment in the music video came when Hayley Kiyoko shot a bow and arrow into a bullseye with the number five smack dab in the center of it. This easter egg made a ton of "Everything You Missed In Taylor Swift's 'You Need To Calm Down' Music Video"-lists and had everyone scratching their heads. MTV notes that the fifth tracks on Swift's former albums are historically some of the most gut-wrenching, including "Cold As You," "Dear John," and "All Too Well." Some thought this meant Lovers fifth song might be a tear-jerker as well. Obviously, the fact that Kiyoko shot the arrow suggested a collaboration was in the works, too.

On July 22, Swift told fans her impending announcement would explain the whole thing. "I have some stuff I’m reeeeeally excited to tell you about, including some info on this Easter egg right here," she tweeted.

And it seems like Swift began dropping some hints about her announcement even before her official livestream. The morning before she went live on July 23, Swifties noticed that the title for Swift's fifth track on Lover became visible: "The Archer."

Let's see... what do I know about archers? They shoot arrows... hm hm hm... Seems like fans might be onto something about this song being a tear-jerker!

At 5 p.m. ET on July 23, Swift went live on Instagram to thank fans for all her 2019 VMA nominations and also revealed that she was filming her livestream while on the set for an upcoming music video. Fans' suspicions of "The Archer" releasing soon were practically confirmed as Swift filmed her stream while wearing a white shirt with a bow and arrow on it.

Take a look:

Taylor Swift Instagram

Then, Swift said the words fans have been waiting to hear since the "You Need To Calm Down" video released in June. She said, "I wanted to give you track five ["The Archer"] before the album came out."

It seems that Swifties' theories about "The Archer" were right, after all.

Swift said that the "tradition" of having her album's fifth tracks be so personal actually started with her fans, who noticed the pattern right away. She said, "I guess instinctively I was kind of putting a very vulnerable, personal, honest song as track five."

She also noted that "The Archer" is not her next single, but just a song that she wanted to release before Lover's official release on August 23.

In addition to announcing the release of "The Archer," Swift revealed that Lover's four deluxe versions, which will be available at Target, will also include copies of pages from her personal diaries. If that doesn't make you want to buy all four versions of the album, I don't know what will!

Swift even gave fans a glimpse of her diaries during her IG live.

Taylor Swift Instagram

I don't know when the Swift storm will pass, but so far, it's just getting stronger.

Fans are living for Swift's latest evolution from slithering snake to sparkling rainbow unicorn. Lover is so far a definite departure from Reputation in most ways, moving from anger-banging anthems to optimistic, uplifting, and self-reflective melodies. The rest is yet to come, and fans can anticipate devouring the full record when it's released on August 23. Until then, enjoy "The Archer."

She's right, there are a lot of cool chicks out there, but there's only one Taylor Swift.