Taylor Swift Showed How “Christmas Tree Farm” Went From An Idea To A Full Holiday Bop

Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It's one thing to marvel at the finished product of a song, but getting a peek into how it was produced gives fans a whole new appreciation for their favorite jam. It's as if your favorite artist is letting you in on a little secret and sharing something deeply personal with you, right? If you're on the same page as I am, brace yourself for the perfect holiday surprise, because Taylor Swift's "Christmas Tree Farm" behind-the-scenes video has been released and it reveals everything that goes into making her music.

The song was initially released on Dec. 6, which, according to Rolling Stone, was just five days after the idea for the song came to Swift. The music video is brimming with idyllic home videos from Swift's childhood, making its release that much more special and close to her heart. This is the first Christmas song Swift has put out in over a decade (you might remember the Taylor Swift Holiday Collection EP from back in 2007, which included covers of "Silent Night," "White Christmas," and "Santa Baby"), thus giving Swifties so many reasons to rejoice this holiday season.

It's clear Swift wanted to spread her love throughout the entire month of December, because her behind-the-scenes video is definitely another early Christmas present:

The video begins with Swift describing the inspiration behind the song on Dec. 1: "So, the idea I have for the song is ‘Christmas Tree Farm' because I grew up on one, do you see what I mean?" As she begins playing the melody on her piano, she continues: "It's about how, like, you're in the city and you're stressed out and your life is feeling really, like, low, but in your heart it's Christmas tree farm."

The video also reveals that "Christmas Tree Farm" had just a "24-hour song turnaround," proving that Taylor Swift and producer Jimmy Naples can put out a banger in no time at all. And it all began with a simple melody conjured by Swift herself. After workshopping the song, writing lyrics, and then completing the process by recording it, this video shows that all great things begin with a single idea.

In a video the "Shake It Off" star posted on Twitter on Dec. 5, she talks about how she just wrote a Christmas song and feels "like it's weird to just, like, wait a year to put it out." She then proceeds to ask her cat's on whether she should just release it:

Thank goodness she decided to trust her feline friends' judgment, right? A whole year would have been way too long of a wait for "Christmas Tree Farm."