Taylor Swift’s Adorable Christmas Wish On Instagram Is Totally Purr-Fect

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift is wishing her fans a merry Christmas in the most Taylor Swift way possible. And if you can’t guess what that is, here’s a hint: it has to do with animals! On Tuesday, Dec. 25, Swift took to her Instagram account to wish all her fans a very happy holiday and she did it with a little help from one of her cats! Taylor Swift’s Christmas 2018 Instagram is all kinds of adorable and will definitely make you smile!

As part of her Christmas wish for her fans, Swift shared a photo of her cuddling with her cat Meredith.

“Purry Christmas 💗,” she captioned the post.

Um, that’s the most Swifty thing ever, right? I mean, she loves her cats. She actually has two: Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. She loves them to death and so do her fans. So, it totally makes sense that she’d use them as part of her Christmas greeting for fans this year!

The photos that Swift posted are truly adorable. She and Meredith look super comfy and totally in the Christmas spirit! I bet you won’t be able to resist a few “oohs” and “ahhs” as you look at them. That’s how cute these photos are! Have a look:

There’s so much love between Swift and Meredith in these photos! Doesn’t it just make you want to go grab your favorite pet and give it a hug?

Love and Christmas aside, though, Swift definitely has a passion for cats. She loves them so much that she’s actually going to be playing one in the Cats movie adaptation. So, that means she’s immortalizing her love of felines on screen for the rest of eternity. That is some dedication, for sure.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote the original musical, spoke to Vulture back in September 2018 about Swift’s role in the film.

“She’s going to play one or other of the ‘Macavity’ girls,” Lloyd Webber revealed.

According to IMDB, Swift is now on board to play Bombalurina, who is described as a “flirtatious red adult female cat.” That sounds like a fun role for Swift!

Apparently, Swift’s love of cats had a hand in getting her the part, at least according to Lloyd Webber.

“Well, basically, [director] Tom Hooper thought it was a really good idea, and of course, she loves cats,” Lloyd Webber said. “We’ll see. I mean, I haven’t met her, so I’m looking forward to meeting her and seeing her [at work].”

Clearly, Swift’s love of cats is well-known. Not only is it getting her roles (how lucky is she?!), but it’s also making for great Christmas fodder. Like I said earlier, Swift showing off her cats is exactly what you’d expect from her at this point. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t she everyone’s favorite cat lady? If she isn’t, then she needs to be bumped up on the list because her dedication to them is truly something else!

In any case, I’m sure all the Swifties out there are loving all the cat-friendly love their fave is giving!