Taylor Swift Is Low-Key Calling Out Her Haters With This 'Reputation' Merch

by Kim Carpluk
Al Bello/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

In case you haven't heard, old Taylor Swift is dead. A new Taylor has risen from her ashes like a phoenix, and this one is really into merchandising. Taylor Swift Reputation clothing is coming like Christmas, and with a clever angle to boot. Way way back many centuries ago, in the year 2014, Taylor Swift accidentally wore a shirt backwards and the internet exploded, as the internet does. Now, she's selling a copycat sweater to promote her new album, Reputation.

Over the years, Taylor Swift has occasionally worn her clothes backward. One incident involved a "fashion harness," and fans clinging to the choice like the North Shore High School student body did to Regina George's nipple cut-outs. But the most famous example of TSwift's propensity for backward clothing occurred in Nov. 2014.

It began just like any other night. Swift left her (Welcome To) New York (It's Been Waiting For You) apartment, and headed out to a Knicks basketball game. She threw on a 525 America sweater, camel-colored pants, ankle boots, and a red lip like any sensible New Yorker would. Swift had no idea what she was in for.

A blog dedicated to Taylor Swift's many fashion moments posted a photo of Swift next to the model wearing the sweater and revealed the truth: that Swift had been wearing the sweater backward all along.


Ok, so blog's author did mention that the sweater was actually reversible, but even TSwift had her doubts about that.


Unfortunately, the sweater is no longer for sale, so there's no sure way to verify whether the clothing item was truly reversible. Guess it's another unsolvable mystery of the universe, like the Bermuda Triangle and the Mandela Effect.

Regardless of whether the sweater was backward or not, the internet trolls did what internet trolls do. They crawled out of their social media caves and dragged Swift for wearing the shirt wrong, though she quite possibly didn't wear it backward. If I had a dollar for every time I accidentally wore one of my shirts backwards, I'd probably have enough money to buy her new album. But luckily (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), I don't have paparazzi following me around recording every single clothing choice.

Swift's fans did come to the rescue and turned the kinda-sorta fashion faux pas into an inside joke, tweeting about and referencing to the now-iconic red 525 America sweater.

Now, it's 2017. Most of the internet had forgotten about Swift's minor fashion blip. But she didn't. Taylor Swift never forgets. Don't think it's in the past. These kind of things, they last and they last.

Nearly three years later almost to the day, on Nov. 10th, Swift will be releasing merchandise promoting her new album Reputation.

The line features a snake hoodie-dress-type-situation:

Taylor Swift

An I <3 TS shirt:

Taylor Swift

And a very familiar sweater.

Taylor Swift

Yes. Taylor Swift made merch out of her 2014 fashion faux pas. So critics, keep ridiculing her every move. She will call you out and profit off it at the same time. I'm sure right now she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Of course, her fans got the not-so-secret reference right away.

Seriously, Swift was just ahead of her time. Now these types of tops are everywhere. I seriously just cut two of my shirts to create a similar neckline last week. Fashion icon, victim of circumstance, or actual time traveler? You decide.

Ironically enough, the merch will first be available in New York City at her pop-up shop(s). If you want to be one of the first to swiftly snag this iconic red sweater, then follow Taylor Nation for more updates. This shirt, and this joke, will never go out of style.