Taylor Swift Helped A Man Propose To His Swiftie Boyfriend By Singing IRL & I'm In Tears

by Korey Lane
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift loves love — that much is obvious. From her early career hits to her current popular tracks, singing and writing about love is what Swift has always best. So, it makes sense that super-fans would want her involved in the most romantic day of their lives. And while Swift can't help all of her fans get engaged, she does what she can to help make Swifties' dreams come true. Point in case: When Taylor Swift helped Alex Goldschmidt propose to his Swiftie boyfriend, it was as magical as you'd imagine it would be.

Taking to social media over the weekend, Goldschmidt, an associate director at Digital Media Management according to his Instagram, announced to his followers that he had gotten engaged. But, that's not all. In a follow-up Instagram post, Goldschmidt also announced that Swift had serenaded the happy couple following the proposal. Alongside a photo of Goldschmidt, Swift, and his new fiancé, Ross Girard, he wrote, "She came, she sang, I’m dead."

As if that wasn't enough, Goldschmidt also uploaded actual video footage of Swift performing an acoustic version of her song, "King Of my Heart," which Goldschmidt explained was special to him and Ross. "decided to propose to Ross listening to this song in my car," he wrote on Instagram. "I can’t thank Taylor enough for wanting to help make this day so special."

According to Brides, Swift playing for the happy couple was a surprise for everyone except Goldschmidt. When Swift showed up to the engagement party, the entire audience gasped. "There is one secret that I didn't trust any of you with," the happily engaged man told his friends and family. "There was a person, who's not here, who sort of played a part in all of this...If you would give a warm welcome to my friend, Taylor." And just like that, Taylor freaking Swift walked in, guitar in hand, and began to speak.

"There was a song that was really special to you two, called 'King Of My Heart,'" Swift explained. Then she told Ross that "this is from Alex, but song by me," being the adorable human being that she is. After that, Swift performed the song, and it truly seemed like she was having a great time doing so. Considering Swift's high level of fame and preference to keep her life as private as possible, it's super sweet that she wanted to help Goldschmidt out. In fact, before she started singing, a party guest asked if it was OK for them to record her on their phones, and she laughed and said, "it's whatever!" Basically, Swift let her guard down for this special moment and it's adorable.

Swift is known for making her fans feel loved, even inviting them to her home to listen to her music before it's released. The 29-year-old sends gifts, money, flowers, and notes to many of her millions of fans, and it's clear that she's dedicated to staying connected to them.

IMHO, Swift is totally crushing it. Celebrating the engagement of Goldschmidt and Ross, Swift looks ridiculously happy for the cute couple. And who knows, perhaps it could be Swift who celebrates her own engagement to actor Joe Alwyn — sooner rather than later.