Why The Taurus In Your Life Should Be Treated Like A Queen Every Day Of The Year

Since April 19, the sun has been gliding gracefully through Taurus season. It's during this time that your eye for beauty is sharpened, your self-care routines are revamped, and your goals are forged with unbreakable iron. Set all your preconceptions about this weighty earth sign aside and believe me when I say that there is so much more to the stubborn bull of the zodiac than people think. Those born under this sign exude elegance, romance, and most importantly, devotion. Despite how rigid and uncompromising they may be, the positive Taurus qualities far outweigh the negatives. Since it's currently Taurus season 2018, make sure to show your love for the earth sign in your life.

There's simply nothing a Taurus wouldn't do for their loved ones, and they deserve all the appreciation in the world for it. In fact, to treat a Taurus like anything less than a queen would most certainly be treason. There's just something so regal about them. If you could bottle the essence of Taurus, it would smell like jasmine and roses. If you were to design a dress with a Taurus in mind, it would be dripping in diamonds from head to toe. If you were to go to war, you'd most certainly want a Taurus leading the army.

With notable Taurus celebrities including Megan Fox, Audrey Hepburn, The Rock, Barbara Streisand, Gigi Hadid, Mark Zuckerberg, and of course, Queen Elizabeth II, what more proof do you need that those born under this sign are superior?

They're Loyal

A Taurus keeps a close circle of friends, only allowing a select few into their lives. They devote themselves completely to these people, and would gladly take a bullet for any of them. Under no circumstances would a Taurus ever break their trust, and a promise they make is a promise kept. You should feel beyond lucky if a Taurus has chosen to love you.

They're Self-Sufficient

Asking for help is their worst fear. A Taurus would rather rely on no one but themselves. They work hard to build a strong foundation for themselves, often accumulating a lot of wealth and security in the process. They want to feel grounded and stable, like they have control over their destiny no matter what curveballs life may throw at them.

They Maintain Grace Under Pressure

Even when a Taurus is imploding with emotions, they're capable of masking it all with a rational and logical approach. You would never know how stressed out they really are because they're amazing at pulling themselves together. They're able to remain dignified, refined, and sensible, no matter how much they might be seething inside.

They're Sensual

Ruled by Venus, planet of romance and love, this sign is very much in tune with their sexuality. Deeply connected to all five of their senses, they understand the human body well. They're known for being extremely thorough in bed, leaving no stone unturned as they pleasure their partners.

They Adore Luxury

A Taurus has an eye for the finer things. They believe that you can't put a price on decadence, and that life is too short not to appreciate all the beauty the world has to offer. While they may be materialistic at times, a Taurus is simply luxury personified. To spend time with one is to bask in that luxury, too.

They Never Give Up

When a Taurus has their eye on a goal, there's nothing that will stop them from realizing it. Their perspective is inflexible and unyielding. Flip-flopping is simply not in their nature. It takes a lot of time and thought before they commit to an objective but when they do, they mean serious business. Even when it seems like all hope is lost, a Taurus will find a way.

They Thrive In Nature

There's a spiritual connection between a Taurus and mother nature. Walking through a park on a gorgeous afternoon sets their senses on overdrive and you'll have a hard time convincing them that it's time to go home. They're also deeply in-tune with animals and are known for being incredibly caring pet owners.

They're Patient

A Taurus appreciates the details and nuances of the journey. While others may quit when impatience gets the best of them, a Taurus understands that the greatest things in life take time. They're also one of the best signs in the zodiac when it comes to thinking twice before taking action. Rarely ever impulsive, they're aware that not all their impulses should be embraced.

They're Down To Earth

A Taurus keeps it real. They're practical, realistic, and straight-forward. They don't sugar-coat the truth, embellish something ugly with niceties, and they definitely won't pretend to be something they're not. With a Taurus, what you see is what you get. If you want to impress one, be honest and authentic. They don't care for sweet-talkers or charmers.

They're Dependable

If you want something done right the first time, ask a Taurus. "Reliable" is their middle name, and if they've promised you that they'll do something, you'll never have to worry about them seeing that promise through. They won't make excuses, they won't call in sick, and you can sleep easy knowing they'll be there on time.