Tarte Just Launched A Sister Brand Called Sugar Rush & All The Sweet Treats Are Under $30

by Stephanie Montes
Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

At this point, Tarte Cosmetics boasts one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. (Chances are, you have a Shape Tape concealer in your makeup bag as we speak.) With a foolproof marketing plan, cute packaging, and fan-favorite formulas down pat — not to mention a versatile range of products under their belt — the brand has decided to expand the renowned name, not with more products, but with the birth of new sister brands. Chances are, you might've heard of Tarte's Sugar Rush Collection when it was initially announced, but know this actually isn't your regular seasonal release — it's a completely new, separate brand for Tarte.

First in the trend of sister brands for Tarte came Awake, a skincare brand dedicated to making your complexion look bright, rested, refreshed, and more, well, awake. All of the products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and antioxidant-rich, so they're as good for you as they look on your vanity. Seriously, in true Tarte fashion, the packaging is worthy of your best shelfies. The packaging for each product is colored in a pretty hue and covered in its own signature pattern, each jar and bottle cuter than the next.

Well, for those who crave the pretty packaging, good-for-you products, and affordable price points, but consider yourself more of a makeup junkie, Tarte's latest sister brand Sugar Rush is here to cure your sweet tooth.

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

Gen Z-ers, this one goes out to you! The range is packed with juicy colors, sweet skin treats, yummy scents, and dessert-inspired (and recyclable) packaging, all priced at under $30, including fun-size minis available at five for $25. The line includes all your favorite makeup products — eyeshadow palettes, lippies, blush, eyeliners, and mascaras — and even includes a few sweet skincare picks, like a moisturizer, lip oil, face wash, and drying solution. In a press release, Sugar Rush says the brand was born for the customers "who don’t compromise what they put on their body or what they believe in."

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

"Sugar Rush is designed for those who are powered by glitter and good vibes," the brand continues in the release. "They balance their time between friends and extracurriculars. But above all else, they stand up for what they believe in — whether it’s fighting bullying, shutting down animal testing, or saving the environment." Aside from the vegan and cruelty-free formulas, Sugar Rush also says they will prioritize spreading sweetness in 2019, taking a stand against cyberbullying with its #bullyfreebeauty campaign.

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

And the good stuff doesn't stop there. Sugar Rush is vowing to use unretouched photos featuring real girls, not professional models, in its digital launch. Praise! The brand says this will "establish a genuine voice and inspire a message of positivity, inclusion, and playfulness." The faces of Sugar Rush will be the members who make up the Sugar Squad, a group of Gen-Z Tartelettes who embody the fun, playful vibe of the new collection. Aspire to be a member of the Sugar Squad? Anyone can join in by posting a picture of themselves spreading sweetness and using the hashtag #sugarrush.

If Sugar Rush sounds like the adorably packaged, affordable line of your dreams, you don't even have to wait for it. The collection is available and totally shoppable on the Tarte Cosmetics website. With a mix of skincare, makeup, and body care essentials, all in cute containers you'll want to show off, the new sister brand from Tarte is about to become your new makeup BFF. Sweet, huh?