Target Is Selling "Christmas Crunch" Popcorn That Tastes Like Actual Birthday Cake

If you haven't been stocking your cabinet with holiday-themed goodies, then take a trip to Target and start your shopping spree. The beloved department store is now selling a Christmas-themed snack that you won't want to miss — but it doesn't taste like candy canes or hot cocoa. Instead, Target's Christmas Crunch popcorn by Dylan's Candy Bar tastes like birthday cake, and it'll take your holiday celebrations to the next level. Whether you're looking for something sweet to eat during your holiday movie marathon or a treat to offer your guests, Christmas Crunch popcorn is the perfect pick.

If you're a Target shopper with a sweet tooth, you might know that Dylan's Candy Bar teamed up with the go-to department store in early 2018 to create irresistible candy collaborations. In honor of the holiday season, the companies joined forces to create the "Dylan's Candy Bar Holiday Popcorn Tin" — aka Christmas Crunch — which is now being sold at Target. According to the product's online description, the six-ounce Christmas Crunch tin consists of birthday cake-flavored popcorn that'll make the holiday season so much sweeter.

Plus, after looking at a close-up image of the popcorn, it seems like actual birthday cake sprinkles are tossed into the mix. YUM.


If my friends serve Christmas Crunch at their holiday gatherings, I will 100 percent spend my time at each party snacking on the goods. However, there's definitely enough popcorn in each tin to spread the wealth. According to Target, each six-ounce container holds approximately six servings, which means you can enjoy it with your pals. Plus, the popcorn comes ready to eat, so you can dive right in as soon as you open the package. For more information about the snack itself, check out the popcorn's details on Target's online product page.

If you're totally sold on Christmas Crunch, then you're probably wondering how much money a tin costs. Thankfully, it's pretty cheap — especially if you decide to share it with your buddies. One Dylan's Candy Bar Holiday Popcorn Tin will cost you $10.99 on Target's online store, so get your wallet out. Whether you're hoping to share a tin at your holiday gathering or snack on it by yourself (no judgement — I'd do the same thing), it's pretty affordable. If you'd rather buy the holiday treat in person, locate your closest Target store, give 'em a call, and make sure it's in stock.


If you order Christmas Crunch and end up loving it, you might want to check out more of Dylan's Candy Bar products at Target. Those of you craving holiday flavors would probably love Dylan's Dark Peppermint Brownie Bar or Dylan's Red Velvet Chocolate Bar. For even more chocolate, you can check out Dylan's Candy Bar Holiday Star Ornament. If you buy that one, you can decorate your tree with sweets — and then eat 'em when the holidays are over.

With that being said, it's time to visit Target's website and stock your cabinets with wintry treats just in time for the holidays.