A Screenshot From Tana Mongeau's Video Reaction To Bella Thorne's "SFB."

Tana Mongeau Posted A Video Shading Bella Thorne For 10 Minutes & It's A Lot


The Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne drama just keeps getting messier. Weeks after Thorne dissed Mongeau in her track "SFB," the YouTuber is now firing back with some shade of her own. On Saturday, Jan. 2, Mongeau watched the video for what she claims was the first time with her friends, and she roasted her ex throughout the whole thing. You need to see Tana Mongeau's video reaction to Bella Thorne's "SFB" because it's a lot.

Their drama started on Dec. 4 when Thorne dropped her diss track "SFB," which stands for "Stupid F*cking B*tch," and fans were convinced it was about her breakup with Mongeau. Although the stars ended things amicably in February 2019 after dating for over a year, the lyrics of "SFB" hinted they weren't on good terms anymore. Thorne started the song by seemingly telling her ex, "You're a stupid f*cking b*tch / but you already know this/ And you let me see your tits / but I'm still not over it."

After Thorne accused Mongeau of using her for clout, the singer also appeared to shade her ex for opening an OnlyFans account right after her. "You copy my sh*t, yeah, you tried to mimic," Thorne sings on the track.

Mongeau addressed the diss track in a series of TikToks before calling out Thorne on Twitter. Fans thought that was the end of their feud, but Mongeau reignited things on Jan. 2 by criticizing Thorne's "SFB" music video.

The YouTuber gathered a few of her friends to react to the clip, and let's just say, Mongeau was not a fan because she took several digs at her ex throughout the video. Mongeau began by jokingly telling her friends, "Y'all wouldn't even have Only fans if it wasn't for the video we are reacting today by a music extraordinaire."

She also took a shot at Thorne's makeup, saying, "I love the Coachella glam, girl. I don’t think she’s ever let a makeup artist help her out."

The most pointed comment of all, however, was when Mongeau told Thorne, "You don’t have any friends. You can’t keep a friend."

Before ending things, Mongeau promised fans if they get her reaction video to 500,000 likes, she and her friends will share their "worst stories" about the actress.

Watch Mongeau's video reaction to Thorne's "SFB" below.

It seems the drama may never end if Mongeau is serious about posting another video.