Tana Mongeau & Bella Thorne Are Beefing Over OnlyFans & 2020 Continues To Be Wild

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Influencer beef has practically become an Olympic sport in 2020, and it seems as if some of the most popular creators are continuing their dramas right up to the end of the year. Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne are beefing over OnlyFans on Twitter after Mongeau took aim at her former girlfriend's latest diss track about her, "SFB," which dropped on Dec. 4. Things are definitely getting messy, but given both of their track records with drama and scandals, things will surely get even messier before it's all over.

Thorne angered the internet in August 2020 after she earned $2 million on OnlyFans, and charged fans for pay-per view content she allegedly did not deliver on. She offered a nude photo to her subscribers for $200, but the non-nude photo purchasers received ended up causing them to demand refunds for false advertising. Around the same time, OnlyFans changed its policy on PPV content and capped creators' maximum PPV prices at $50, a change which many users blamed Thorne for on Twitter. OnlyFans told BuzzFeed in a statement the "changes to transaction limits [were] not based on any one user," but that didn't stop the internet from blaming Thorne for co-opting the largely explicit platform as an already-established celebrity.

Mongeau also advertised her own OnlyFans account in the past, and notoriously made $3 million in a single month on the platform. Thorne's Dec. 4 single, "SFB," seemingly took aim at Mongeau for copying her in the line, "You copy my sh*t, yeah, you tried to mimic." Fans of Mongeau were outraged at the incredibly pointed lyrics, causing Mongeau to address the diss track in a series of TikToks before carrying the drama over to Twitter. She tweeted she was done "promoting" her OnlyFans for the day, and pointed out she was not the first celebrity to start an account on the platform (seemingly a dig at Thorne's diss track). That set Thorne off, who tweeted, "She wishes she was me."

Things really took off when Thorne seemed to acknowledge Mongeau's tweet. "Smh respond promoting sex workers like [you] promised or get ratio'd," Mongeau quote-tweeted Thorne on Dec. 19 in response to Thorne's promotion of "SFB."

The two originally announced their breakup on Feb. 26, 2019, after dating for nearly two years, but insisted they would remain friends. Now, that's definitely not the case: Mongeau also tweeted on Dec. 20 that she was no longer "chill" with Thorne, and instead was now friends with her other ex, rapper Lil Xan.

Mongeau continued to tweet about the situation, and told fans the situation kept her up until 5:00 a.m. on Dec. 20.

The drama is seriously getting drawn out on Twitter, considering Thorne was pretty clear about her feelings about Mongeau in "SFB": "Should've left you in a ditch/ But I'm not over it."

At this point, both of their fanbases just want them to hash things out over a phone call, but in influencer world, that rarely happens.