Taco Bell’s Oatrageous Taco

Taco Bell’s New Oatrageous Taco Is Basically The Impossible Burger Of Tacos

by Daffany Chan
Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Plant-based meat has been all the rage for fast food this year, and you can look forward to even more vegetarian options slated to hit fast food menus in 2020. Though it's not in America yet, Taco Bell's Oatrageous Taco is a preview of what's to hopefully come soon for U.S. customers. Get ready to chow down, because the fast food chain's new menu item makes meatless eating more convenient than ever.

Taco Bell's Oatrageous Taco is a tasty option for vegetarians or those simply looking to cut down on eating meat. The taco is packed with flavor just like the real thing, featuring pulled oats seasoned to taste just like beef, along with the classic cheese, creamy chipotle sauce, and lettuce inside a crispy shell. Unfortunately, the Oatrageous Taco is currently only available in Finland and Spain, but it's slated to hit menus across Europe by summer 2020. And though Taco Bell hasn't announced a United States release date of the menu item yet, a Taco Bell executive noted it's not off the table, saying, "Never say never" according to Nation's Restaurant News. Since plant-based meats have been gaining popularity in the states, I'd keep an eye out for more news from Taco Bell about a potential U.S. rollout of the Oatrageous Taco.

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To satisfy your meatless cravings until you can get your hands on an Oatrageous Taco, I recommend checking out the other delicious vegetarian options already being sold nationwide at your fave fast food chains. There's the vegan KFC Fried Chicken, which made its debut on Aug. 27. You can get the Beyond Fried Chicken nuggets in six-piece or 12-piece combo meals for $6.49, or you can opt for the four-piece a la carte deal which will only set you back $1.99. There are also Beyond Fried Chicken boneless wings available in six-piece of 12-piece options, which cost $6 and $12, respectively.

Carl's Jr.'s Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger is a similarly satisfying meat-free meal that was unveiled on Oct. 8. It's a mouthwatering mix of Carl's Jr.'s Original BBQ sauce, American cheese, and crispy onion rings between a sesame bun that starts at $6.29 for a burger. With so many options to choose from, Meatless Monday is about to be the best night of the week.