Sydney Sweeney's Zodiac Sign Makes Her A Loyal & Loving Partner

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Euphoria's Cassie Howard may be impressionable and uncertain, but the actor who plays her certainly isn't. Born on Sept. 12, Sydney Sweeney's zodiac sign is Virgo, making her one of the most reliable and responsible signs around. Those born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22 aren't here to play games — they're here to win. They have high standards for the people in their lives, and they hold themselves to an even higher standard, which is why they're usually the hardest workers in the room. Despite their modesty, Virgos tend to know exactly what they want, and that def seems true of Sweeney.

However, rather than following their hearts, Virgos tend to use logic and reasoning to guide their decisions, even in relationships. "I believe education is important," Sweeney told Schön! magazine in November 2018. "Acting and this industry is a business, and I want to make sure I know how to run my business." When trying to convince her parents to let her audition for her first role, Sweeney even created a "PowerPoint five-year business plan for her acting career," as she told Elite Daily back in December 2019, and if that's not a total Virgo move, then I don't know what is.

Few people are as career- and work-oriented as Virgos, and it's because those born under this sign are usually incredibly passionate about what they do. As Sweeney told Elite Daily during her December 2019 interview, "I just love to work." Virgos don't do anything half-heartedly, which is why they dedicate themselves 100% to every opportunity, challenge, and relationship they have. And that's likely why Sweeney considers herself "more of a homebody" and why she graduated valedictorian in high school, as she told W magazine in July 2019. Virgos have exactly zero time for nonsense, y'all.

As diligent perfectionists, Virgos tend to be very hard on themselves, which means "good enough" isn't going to cut it. Even as Sweeney's star continues to rise, she still has moments of doubt. "I would always worry that I was only going to play the girl next door or the cute girlfriend," she told Glamour U.K in August 2018. They may seem totally self-sufficient, but Virgos always benefit from another person's validation and support, especially if it comes from a partner. And because Virgos feel most useful when they're helping others, and there's nothing they love more than helping their SOs become their best selves.

Virgos may be overly critical at times, but it's only because they work hard and expect others to do the same. Instead of putting people down, Virgos like to lift others up, and while these independent individuals don't need a partner to feel complete, they do appreciate having a person they can support and connect with on a deep, intellectual level. Anyone lucky enough to date a Virgo like Sweeney gets a personal assistant, a therapist, and a life coach all in one, though that Virgo will expect just as much affection and consideration from you in return. If Sweeney is indeed dating Jonathan Davino, then he's a lucky guy.

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