These Adorable Valentine’s Day Cards Are Actually Chocolate Bars You Can Enjoy With Bae

With Valentine's Day around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to make the holiday of love extra sweet for your sweetie or your besties. In my personal opinion, you can never go wrong with chocolate, and Sweeter Cards' Valentine's Day 2019 chocolate cards are a Cupid-approved way to get two birds with one stone (or rather, one arrow). Nothing says you love bae or your BFF more effortlessly than this greeting card-slash-dark chocolate treat, plus it's impossible to deny how adorable the options are.

Whether you're in a long-term relationship, passing some serious hints to your crush, or showing your besties a little love this Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with these chocolate bar and greeting cards in one. First of all, I love the story behind Sweeter Cards, which was developed by Stacy Stahl (who also happens to be the founder of I'm all for supporting female-led businesses — especially when the products are just this cute.

Retailing at $8.99 each, the "cards" come in three cute designs that you can choose from depending on the sentiments you want to convey, according to the Sweeter website. Want to tell your SO you love him or her "berry" much? A design featuring a bowl of berries set against a red backdrop is definitely your best bet. Dog lovers will love the Dachshund design, which bears an ultra-adorable illustration of a pup with the words "I love you soOoO much."

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If you're looking to take your relationship to the next level, the hot pink card with the near-blasphemous proclamation, "I love you more than chocolate!" has definitely got you covered. (Disclaimer: the packaging also reads, "But please share this with me," so you're bound to get some sweetness as well.)

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While the quirky designs will definitely tug at your heartstrings, the best part are the bars of dark chocolate infused with sea salt and caramel that are hidden inside.

According to Sweeter Cards, the chocolate bars are crafted in St. Louis with specialty Fair Trade Certified ingredients. In addition to chocolate, soft vanilla caramel, fresh whipping cream, butter, Madagascar vanilla, and a hint of Mediterranean sea salt provide the winning touches to the sweet formula. Every batch is then stirred by hand in copper kettles and the founder emphasizes that they're "made with love to ensure every single Sweeter Card is full of deliciousness that will win the card-giving game." Aw.

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While I didn't have a chance to try the goodies, my editor Collette Reitz said the bars are a must-try for anyone who loves dark chocolate. She said:

It's a good balance of chocolate and caramel, and the caramel filling isn't too overpowering, and the sea salt sprinkle adds just a touch of its flavor to the sweeter flavors. If you're a fan of dark chocolate, you'll definitely like it!

Count me in. TBH, I'm all for Valentine's Day gifts that aren't overly expensive or extravagant, and I can see these chocolate bar cards being a lifesaver for a lot of couples. Depending on how new the relationship is, it can be a struggle to find a Valentine's Day present that isn't too much, but that your SO is sure to enjoy and appreciate. Cuffing season has only been upon us for a few months now, after all.

Once Valentine's Day is over, you can also send your love via chocolate to your SO or besties, thanks to Sweeter Cards' "Everyday" collection that includes messages like an apology card with a cactus that reads, "Sorry for being prickly," or a congratulations bite with the message, "Boom, mic drop. (You did it)" Really, there is a greeting for every occasion.

Whether you choose to surprise bae or your bestie with the sweet offering or you supplement the chocolate 'n greeting card package with another gift, you can't go wrong pairing some sweet sayings with a tasty treat that neither one of you will be able to resist.