The Person Offset Reportedly Cheated On Cardi B With Just Released A Song About It

by Candice Jalili
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For those of you who somehow managed to miss the memo, Cardi B announced last week that she's filing for divorce from Offset. While disappointing, the announcement didn't come totally out of the blue. Their relationship has been plagued by rumors of his cheating since before they even tied the knot. And now, his reported mistress has come forward with a song that appears to be about their affair. And trust me, you guys. Summer Bunni's song about Offset holds absolutely nothing back.

OK, let me back track for a second here and give you some intel on who Summer Bunni even is. Bunni told The Blast that she was "the woman at the center of the cheating scandal" that might have played a factor in Offset's split from his wife. It's also rumored that she was the woman Offset was talking to in some leaked texts that allegedly showing him trying to plan a threesome.

In her new song, "Don't Matter," she decides to open up about her feelings towards him. She told The Blast that she wrote the song this past summer when she had "mixed feelings" about the rapper. “I just wanted to write about how I felt at the time,” Bunni told The Blast, noting that she felt as though the Migos member wasn't paying enough attention to her feelings.

In a sneak preview of the song, Bunni shared some of the lyrics with The Blast. Elite Daily has reached out to reps for Bunni, Offset, and Cardi for comment.

I’m sick of you I guess my feelings don’t matter
Never question how I am if I’m better
I left walking got door begging at my door (begging at my door)
I replace you boy you better get gone (Better be gone)
What is love what is love what is love
Can you explain it what it does
I had Ryan trying to come inside and
I had Brian calling all night plus
All your friends trying to f*ck low
But you stay steady saying I’m a hoe
Marcus Ingram/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
It’s OK but I’m let you be
I’m not gone cry baby beg on my knees
You didn’t mean it huh
What you say
You stay lying n***a straight to my face
What did you call us
What did you see
All the bitches be laughing all at me
I hope you play this sh*t when you all alone
So you can think about why I’m really gone
F*ck the gossip f*ck the tea
I’m the one that you really need

Yeah, so the lyrics are definitely intense. It looks like his wife isn't the only one Offset hurt with his actions. "I really thought he and I were for real,” Bunni told The Blast.

In addition to her song, Bunni also recorded a video of herself publicly apologizing to Cardi B for TMZ.

Cosmopolitan reports that, while the full song was supposed to drop this week, Bunni's Instagram account has since been deleted so we can't be sure when to expect it.

Listen. Everybody makes mistakes. So, let's try to judge all parties involved as little as possible and, instead, hope that they all find a way to find peace and move on from this messy situation.